"A Quiet Place Part Two", worth watch this weekend

A quiet place part two is a horror film, a sequence to quiet place part 1. John Krasinski has put forward some of the best actors in both parts. The movie follows the life of a family. The family has to navigate and survive in a post-apocalyptic world with monsters with acute hearing powers. The film starts with a flashback of the earlier part.

The creatures have killed much of the Earth's population, including Lee, who survived to save his family. Lee has a deaf daughter Regan, who discovered that the creatures are vulnerable to high-frequency audio feedback. Lee's wife, Evelyn, tries to shoot the blind-creatures with Regan's noise aid microphone and radio.

After the destruction of their only isolation spot, the family moves to find a place safe for humans. The family tends to fight with the blind creature throughout the movie and reach an island. The family also loses some of their members by the time they are on the island. In the end, Regan leaves her noise frequency aid with the set noise frequency to fight with the blind-creature.

The storyline of the movie is scary enough to grasp attention and lets you stick to your seat. The music and background noise to create a horror story are a perfect mixture for the scene. The director has well-drafted all the ideas to the screen and goes well with the first part of the movie.

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