Japan: A beer manufacturing leak causes the Okinawa port to turn blood red


Orion Breweries says the red liquid leaked out of its rain gutters.Photo by11TH REGIONAL COAST GUARD HEADQUARTERS

A blood-red port in Japan has alarmed locals and prompted a beer brewery to issue an apology.

The port's color was created by a food coloring dye that poured into a river, according to Orion Breweries, who also added that there were no health dangers.

It did, however, express regret for "causing enormous trouble and worry" to the citizens of Nago city, Okinawa.

On social media, locals referred to the blood-red waters as "gruesome" while some said they appeared "venomous".

According to US health regulators, propylene glycol, which is used to absorb extra water, is "generally recognized as safe" for use in food.

The leak, which is thought to have started in one of the brewery's cooling systems, happened on Tuesday and was stopped at 9:30 local time, according to Japanese media. The gutters allowed it to spill into the river.

Waters of Nago City port have turned blood redPhoto by11TH REGIONAL COAST GUARD HEADQUARTERS
Orion Breweries says the leak poses no health risksPhoto by11TH REGIONAL COAST GUARD HEADQUARTERS

Hajime Murano, president of Orion Breweries, told Japanese media that the organization was looking into how the leak had happened and that steps would be taken to stop such an issue from happening again.

Nago is well-known for its pineapple farms in addition to fishing.

A lager by the name of Orion is popular for its delicate flavor. That beverage distinguishes tropical Okinawa from the rest of Japan and serves as its hallmark beer.

The crimson shade that engulfed the port of Nago city surprised its residents, prompting them to express their astonishment on social media. Some found the sight to be disturbing, describing it as "gruesome," while others drew comparisons to something "venomous." The unexpected alteration in colour triggered discussions and apprehensions within the local community, who were taken aback by the unprecedented and remarkable spectacle.

Source: https://www.bbc.com/news/66039141

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