No Flag Allowed? No Problem! Wisconsin Couple Light It Up

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It started with an outright flag ban. Memo Fachino and Lance Mier, a gay married couple living in Wind Point, Wisconsin were happily flying a Pride flag outside their home until their local housing association - based in Racine - changed the rules.

They banned flags of all kinds, citing the fact that many people were flying BLM flags, Thin Blue Line flags, and other "opinion" flags outside their houses. This meant that Fachino and Mier were forced to remove their own "modest" rainbow flag, which had been on the porch, not outside in any case. And it had been there for over 5 years.

The only flag permitted under the new regulations would be the Stars & Stripes US flag. Fairly restrictive, I'd say. But rules are rules.

Fachino, who actually sits on the board of the housing association, has been keen to make it clear that he's aware the new rules were coming in and that they were not targeted directly at him and his husband. Nevertheless, the timing meant that the flag had to come down just as Pride month began.

Thwarted and disappointed, Mier and Fachino remained resourceful. In a viral Reddit thread, they explain how after they received an email telling them their flag had to come down (it having been reported to authorities ahead of Pride month in June) they decided to see what, under the regulations, they could do to display their allegiance to the cause.

And it turned out that removable lights can be displayed outside houses in the neighborhood without any restriction at all. Reading this, and knowing that at Christmas they'd been able to display lights on their house to great effect, the couple bought six colored lights - and turned the whole of the outside of their house into a riot of color, creating a rainbow of light that's visible far and wide.

We always said we believe in diversity and representation, so we wanted to follow that same sentiment while being within the rules and being respectful of our guidelines. - Mr Facino

The house looks great, I think, and it's a heartwarming example of flying a flag for a cause without actually, you know, flying a flag. What a great example to set the neighborhood. And what a riot of color the couple have created in time for the important month of Pride. I love to see it!

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