"Storm Drain Woman" Goes Back Underground - In Texas This Time

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I wrote back in March about Lyndsey Kennedy, the woman who was rescued from a Florida storm drain after - she said - getting lost while she was wild swimming. She was in underground tunnels for twenty days before she was pulled from the storm drain in Delray Beach. At the time, I thought how lucky she was to have escaped alive from a terrifying ordeal, but like most people, I did wonder exactly how she managed to end up in the drain tunnels in the first place.

Now, it's a little bit less of a mystery. It seems fairly obvious she chose to be there. Because on Saturday night, Kennedy emerged from yet another storm drain in a whole other state. It seems these small spaces are perhaps where she feels safest.

Having been checked into a rehabilitation center in Texas where she was placed on psychiatric hold, Kennedy apparently wandered off. She was last seen in Arlington and Grand Prairie in Dallas and it was Grand Prairie police officers who approached her, only to see her slip into a storm drain to "escape" from them. Kennedy's family and friends were able to track her using a location app on her cell phone, but this showed her location accurately only up to the point she went underground.

Worried about her welfare, family members dropped bags of food and Gatorade through manholes in the area, in the hope that Kennedy would find them and get sustenance during her time underground. It seems now, though, that she's out again and hopefully getting the help she needs. After spending time underground she eventually emerged from a 6-foot pipe and was taken to hospital. Unlike the last time, though, when she had to be rescued and was almost too weak to stand, in Texas she was able to pull herself from the drain and had not been there anywhere near as long in the first place.

Kennedy's problems clearly go deeper than taking an accidental wrong turn while swimming. She reportedly suffers from PTSD and psychosis after years of being in an abusive relationship, which is a lot to unpack, and it's not hard to see how this sort of ongoing pain could lead to an urge to escape from the world.

Hopefully, though, any future escapes will not be into potentially dangerous drains, and she will be able to get the help she needs to live a happier life.

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