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What's New, Pussycat? Rescued Kitten Takes 80-Mile Uber Trip

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Jose Jimenez, an Uber driver from Miami, Florida, is used to transporting humans to and fro using the well-known app. But this week he expanded his repertoire into pet shuttle services when he was booked to take a rescued kitten on an 80-mile drive to an animal shelter because there were no spaces for her in any closer locations.

When it comes to saving a little pet like this, I'll go anywhere. - Jose Jimenez

Kylie Gross, a nurse practitioner currently administering Covid-19 vaccines, was the kitten's guardian angel that morning. She was on her way to work in Hialeah when she saw the tiny cat weaving in and out of traffic and she managed successfully to corral it into her car. However, when she got to work, the scared kitten had disappeared right into the car's innards.

Gross explained that it took the combined effort of herself together with various police and firefighters stationed at the clinic to coax the kitten from her car. But having done so, she realized she had no idea what to do with the little animal. As she has a dog that doesn't like cats, her own home wasn't an option, and although she made plenty of calls, she learned that no local animal shelters had room for the cat.

Finally, her efforts paid off when she found that Furry Friends in Jupiter would take the kitten, but the snag here was that its location was an 80-mile drive away. Gross had to work at the clinic that day, and taking time off to deliver a cat isn't really the greatest use of time, particularly in a crucial vaccine administration role like hers. So, living in the modern world as we all now do, she came up with a solution: she booked an Uber for the little cat. "I use Uber, so why not?" she said. Thankfully, the driver Jimenez was more than happy to help out.

The drive from the clinic to the rescue center took an hour, and it cost Gross $160, but it was worth it: because when the kitten arrived with Furry Friends, they confirmed that she was underweight but otherwise healthy. She'd had a lucky escape from Miami traffic and, with her wildly modern back story, I reckon she's guaranteed herself a new home fairly quickly. Plus, she's cute, as you can see from this photo.
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You can tell she's seen a bit of the world, can't you? I believe she'd be a very knowledgeable little cat companion.

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