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Come For The Views, Stay For The Booze - A Perfect Pit Stop On The Strand, Galveston

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It was a hot day in Galveston and I'd already trailed along the beach, eaten shrimp from a seaside shack, allowed my kids to try Wendy's burgers (we don't have these in the UK, so it was a real treat), and arrange a whale-watching tour in the bay for later that day. Oh, and I'd watched some taffy-pulling, too. In the cool, dark interior of a taffy shop, I'd been mesmerized by the stretchy sugar flipping up and down and being turned into bags of sweet candy.

Galveston was a complete surprise after staying in downtown Texas - a beautiful, olde-worlde beachfront town, weathered and salt-beaten, with glorious views of the harbor and ocean everywhere the eye could see. It was a hot day and after parading up and down the various colorful streets, I was in dire need of something salty and a drink.

I was very happy, then, to find Brewchachos Taco & Cantina - a taco bar serving heaped dishes of tacos with various toppings, and huge fresh cocktails to go alongside. The bar is situated on the Strand, and has lots of shady corners outside that are perfect for a hot day. The decor was a huge spray-painted mural, very on-brand for the type of place it is, and a wall fountain providing interest and some cooling spray.

I ordered tacos with guacamole (just a snack, not a meal!) and a margarita, which when it arrived was beautifully cold and packed with ice. Heavy on the lime, not too sweet, and with the expected crust of salt around the rim, it was the absolute perfect pick-me-up after a day of sightseeing in hot weather. It was huge, too - nearly a pint, most of which was lime juice and soda and ice, so it was perfectly refreshing.

My tacos when they arrived were warm and dusty, with exactly the right salt-to-chip ratio and a glossy serving of guacamole. The guacamole was chunky and had clearly been made fresh; there was plenty of it, easily enough to last for the whole dish of taco chips. As we ate our feast of a snack and drank our long cold drinks, we could hear music floating over from other bars in the Strand as the light started to soften and the day's end slowly began.

The service was super-friendly. We got allocated one waitress from the moment we arrived and she made sure everyone's drinks arrived at the same time, that we all had any dips or sauces we wanted with our tacos, and she was happy to split the bill for us at the end so we could pay separately by card. Service was also very fast; we'd hardly sat down and ordered before our drinks arrived, and the food took just long enough to show us it was prepared fresh.

There are a plethora of drink and food options on the Strand in Galveston, but you can do a lot worse than Brewchachos. Prices were reasonable, too.

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