A List of Sexist Comments from My (Male) Bosses, 1999-2009

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Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

  • More wine?
  • Have you got a little black skirt you can wear next time? The other waitress has got a nice one, you’ll see when she gets here. Little short skirt. You know.
  • How do you feel about…massage?
  • They’re girls, all the others. You, though? All woman. It’s something about your eyes.
  • Those clients over there think I’m either your father or a very lucky man.
  • Either you’ve bought a new bra, or you’re pregnant.
  • I don’t want you to be going out dating now that you’re single, you know. Gives the wrong impression.
  • Make the most of it. Your youth. You’re blonde, when you go to seed you’ll fade fast.
  • You’re so much better looking when you smile.
  • Oh no. I’m not writing you a reference just so you can go off and join someone else’s harem.
  • Sorry, you don’t have a desk anymore. We didn’t honestly think you’d come back after having the baby.
  • You’ve carried a fair bit of baby weight on, you know. Did you know?
  • So how do you manage all that running, with those hips of yours?
  • One thing I’ve always noticed about you. You’ve got a very good set of…teeth.
  • Don’t get hysterical. You can’t begin to compare your pay to his. Totally different situation.
  • You’re good at your job. You are! But I have to say, I think you got it in the first place because of your rack.
  • More wine?

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