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TVBoss Fire Ignite Oto Review: Creating And Managing Your Own TV Channels On Multiple Platforms

This is a game-changer. Millions of TV viewers around the world are ditching cable and switching to streaming TV, and billions of advertising dollars are following them.

This means a huge profit opportunity that only comes once in a lifetime.

For years, advertisers paid BIG MONEY for cable tv ads. Now they’re moving to on-demand TV, because that’s where the viewers are.

TVBoss Fire IGNITE is the only software that lets YOU tap into this new traffic source, and make personal profits FAST.

In just hours, you can reach millions of viewers who are hooked to the screen.

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You’ll get industry-leading support and VIP FB group access included - this team is committed to your success.

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TVBoss Fire Ignite Review - Is It Worth The Hype?

From binge-worthy dramas to addictive reality shows, streaming TV is dominating our lives.

Platforms like Roku and Amazon Fire TV have put an endless world of entertainment at our fingertips.

But what if instead of just watching these streaming channels, you could actually create your own?

Imagine having a full-fledged TV channel beaming your brand, content and offers directly into millions of homes.

It’s a game-changing way to build an audience, boost authority, and monetize in new ways from the soaring TV streaming market.

The catch? Building a real TV channel from scratch is filled with painful tech headaches and costs a small fortune.

Not exactly accessible for regular folks like you and me.

But what if you could shortcut all that, and set up your own channel in literal minutes with just a few clicks?

That’s exactly the promise of TVBoss Fire Ignite, an exciting new platform that lets anyone create their own Roku and Amazon Fire TV channels.

TVBoss Fire Ignite aims to make building streaming channels easy and affordable for the masses.

But does it actually deliver on that promise?

In this jam-packed review, I’ll take you inside TVBoss Fire Ignite to uncover:

  • ✅ How it lets you launch full Roku and Fire TV channels in minutes
  • ✅ An objective look at the platform's pros and cons
  • ✅ Who it's best suited for - and not a good fit for
  • ✅ Pricing and value for money
  • ✅ Key features that matter - and serious limitations to be aware of
  • ✅ Monetization options - can you really profit passively?
  • ✅ Vital tips for getting the most from it

By the end, you’ll have all the info to determine if TVBoss Fire Ignite is the game-changing opportunity it claims to be - or just overhyped.

Let’s dive in!

Overview of TVBoss Fire Ignite

TVBoss Fire Ignite is marketed as an easy way for anyone to create their own TV channel on two of the most popular streaming platforms - Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

Some of the key features include:

  • Channel creation wizard - Guided step-by-step process to set up a channel in minutes
  • Content management - Upload and manage videos, schedule content
  • Monetization - Display ads and generate ad revenue
  • Audience tools - View channel analytics and engagement
  • Multi-platform publishing - Same channel published to Roku and Amazon Fire TV
  • Training & support - Video tutorials, Facebook community, and customer support

The platform handles all the technical aspects of creating and managing a streaming channel. Users simply provide the content.

TVBoss Fire Ignite is marketed mainly towards entrepreneurs, influencers, businesses and creators who want to build their brand and monetize their content.

Compared to building your own Roku or Fire TV app from scratch, TVBoss Fire Ignite offers a simpler and faster way to get your channel up and running.

Who is Behind the TVBoss Fire Ignite?

TVBoss Fire Ignite was created by two individuals - Craig Crawford and Todd Gross.

Craig Crawford is an experienced entrepreneur in the connected TV space. He has over 5 years of expertise in helping people launch and manage streaming channels on Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

His partner Todd Gross is an award-winning broadcaster who lends media and production knowledge.

Together their backgrounds in tech platforms and video content help inform the development of TVBoss Fire Ignite.

Craig and Todd are hands-on founders who aim to provide an easy entry point into streaming TV channel management. Their vision is to empower regular people to become TV channel owners.

The creators are active in supporting the TVBoss Fire Ignite community through training and mentoring. They are committed to see users succeed on their respective channels.

With Craig's past success on previous launches and Todd's media credentials, they make a capable team to spearhead the platform. Their ambition is helping pave the way for a new generation of streaming TV publishers.

Now let's take a deeper look at its features and how well it delivers on its promises:

Key Features and Benefits

Easy Channel Set-up

One of the main selling points of TVBoss Fire Ignite is that it makes it easy for anyone to create a professional streaming channel in minutes.

Through the channel creation wizard, you simply fill in some basic details like channel name, description, categories, rating etc. The platform then automatically builds your channel with all the necessary infrastructure in the backend.

You can have your channel up in literally minutes compared to weeks or months if building an app from scratch.

Overall, the channel creation process is very smooth and straightforward for a non-technical user.

However, the limitations come after your channel is created and you want more customization. The platform controls the overall channel design and layout.

Content Management

TVBoss Fire Ignite provides an interface where you can easily bulk upload your videos and schedule when they are published. You can add details like title, description, tags, thumbnails for each video.

The platform supports all major video file formats. There are also options to pull videos from YouTube and other sources.

For basic video channels, the content management works well enough. However, if you want more advanced options like creating playlists, segments, custom video categories, or transcoding videos, then the platform starts showing its limitations.

You are largely limited to their predefined video categories and scheduling options.

Multi-Platform Publishing

One major advantage of TVBoss Fire Ignite is that you can publish your channel to both Roku and Amazon Fire TV from a single interface.

When you make any changes or add new content, it automatically syncs across both platforms. This removes the headache of managing separate apps for Roku and Fire TV.

Both streaming devices have huge user bases, so being on both expands your potential reach. Roku currently leads with around 70 million active users compared to 50 million on Fire TV.

So the dual-platform publishing is a useful time-saving feature, especially if you are targeting both Roku and Fire TV users.

Monetization Options

For many users, a key benefit of creating a streaming channel is to make money from it.

TVBoss Fire Ignite provides a few different monetization options:

  • Advertising - Display banner and video ads within your content from which you earn revenue. However, the platform doesn't guarantee any ad revenue.
  • User Purchases - Charge users for subscriptions or one-time purchases to access premium content.
  • Third-party sponsorships - Reach out to brands relevant to your audience and pitch channel sponsorships.

Unfortunately, details on the ad revenue share percentages and payment terms are vague. The promised earning potential seems inflated.

While you can technically monetize your channel in different ways, how much you actually earn will depend heavily on your niche, content quality and ability to attract and retain viewers.

For most users, ad revenue or user purchases may at best cover their costs rather than make a big profit. The platform oversells the passive income potential.

Support and Training

TVBoss Fire Ignite emphasizes the extensive training and support included:

  • Video tutorials - Step-by-step training videos covering channel creation, management, monetization etc.
  • Facebook group community - Get advice and feedback from over 7500 existing users.
  • 1-on-1 email support - Direct email access to their support team for any issues.
  • Free updates - Get access to new features and updates for no added cost.

The training videos are a handy learning resource for getting started. But they cover only the basics. The Facebook group and email support are useful for troubleshooting channel issues.

However, for more strategic advice on attracting an audience, optimizing your channel, impactful content ideas etc, you are mostly on your own.

Who Is It For?

TVBoss Fire Ignite is primarily suited for:

  • Beginners - The easy set-up and guidance makes it accessible for total beginners. But managing an ongoing channel still requires work.
  • Entrepreneurs / Businesses - An inexpensive way for entrepreneurs and businesses to get a TV presence and reach streaming audiences.
  • YouTubers - Expand reach beyond YouTube by repurposing video content onto a streaming channel.
  • Influencers - Build a Roku and Fire TV presence alongside other social platforms like Instagram, TikTok.
  • Affiliates / Bloggers - Monetize an audience by promoting affiliate offers or selling ad space.

The DIY model works best if you already have an audience or content assets to leverage. Otherwise it takes effort to organically build an audience.

It may appeal less to serious content producers planning high-budget, high-quality channels with extensive customization options.

The platform is not a passive turnkey business, despite some claims. Ongoing work is needed to attract viewers, create fresh content, and optimize the channel. Managing it purely as a hands-off investment may yield disappointing results.

Pricing and Packages

TVBoss Fire Ignite offers one-time pricing for access to the platform. There are two main packages:


  • $27 one-time fee
  • Create 1 streaming channel


  • $77 one-time fee
  • Create up to 10 streaming channels

For the budget-conscious, the Starter plan allows testing the platform for a low one-time fee.

But the Pro plan works out to just $7.70 per channel, which is excellent value if you want to create multiple channels around different topics.

There are no recurring fees or monthly subscriptions. The one-time fee includes lifetime access to the platform.

Upgrades are available during checkout for additional customization features:

  • Channel Optimization - SEO optimization - $27 (Starter) or $97 (Pro)
  • Money Makers Course - Monetization training - $47
  • Marketers Goldmine - Graphics, animations, logos - $47

The core platform access is affordably priced, especially compared to the cost of building custom apps. And the upgrades provide optional extra value.

TVBoss Fire Ignite Fast Pass (AKA Bundle Deal)

TVBoss Fire Ignite offers a special deal called the Fast Pass (bundle) when purchasing the 10-channel Pro package.

Normally, the Pro package is a one-time fee of $77 for creating up to 10 channels.

But with the Fast Pass bundle, you also get access to:

  • The Channel Optimizer upgrade
  • The Money Makers Course
  • The Marketers Goldmine assets

This saves you $175 compared to purchasing everything separately.

The Fast Pass gives you:

  • 10 channels
  • Channel optimization to improve search and SEO
  • Monetization course with earning strategies beyond ads
  • Asset library of marketing graphics and materials

All for a bundled price of $97 one-time.

Essentially, you get the Channel Optimizer upgrade ($97 value) and the next two OTOs ($47 each) for FREE when purchasing the 10-channel Pro package.

The Fast Pass provides a tremendous amount of value in one bundle at a discounted price.

It's the best offer available for getting the most capabilities TVBoss Fire Ignite has to offer in one swoop.

Pros and Cons


  • Quick, easy channel setup
  • Pre-built infrastructure handles the tech heavy lifting
  • Manage both Roku and Amazon Fire TV channels
  • Bulk upload videos easily
  • Generate ad revenue from displays ads
  • Supportive Facebook community and how-to videos
  • Inexpensive one-time pricing


  • Limited customization options
  • Oversells "passive" income potential
  • Unclear ad revenue percentages and payment terms
  • Minimal strategic advice on attracting viewers
  • Technical support could be more responsive

Comparison With Building Custom Apps

Compared to developing fully custom streaming apps, TVBoss Fire Ignite offers:

  • Faster launch time - Hours vs. months.
  • Much lower startup cost - $27 vs. $10,000+
  • Simpler system for beginners.
  • Handles infrastructure and uploads.

But custom apps allow:

  • Fully branded, customized UI.
  • Advanced analytics and data.
  • More monetization flexibility.
  • Higher production quality potential.
  • More complex video features.

TVBoss Fire Ignite offers a quick, affordable entry point in exchange for less customization and scalability.

Content Sourcing and Licensing

While TVBoss Fire Ignite makes it easy to bulk upload videos to your channel, an important consideration is where you will source all this content from.

You have a few options:

  • Create original content - Time-consuming and ongoing production needed.
  • License content - Expensive fees to license movies, shows, music videos.
  • Use free public domain content - Quality and selection more limited.
  • Repurpose your existing content - Requires having rights to republish.

Sourcing continuous fresh content can be challenging. Licensing fees for premium content add up quickly. Relying only on free public domain content risks lower production quality.

Evaluating realistic content sourcing options is key before launching a channel.

Long Term Audience Building Tips

While getting your channel online is easy with TVBoss Fire Ignite, attracting and retaining viewers long term requires ongoing effort.

Here are some tips:

  • Produce high-quality content consistently - Quality over quantity.
  • Analyze audience data to guide content.
  • Promote smartly across social media.
  • Engage viewers through comments.
  • Run promotions and contests.
  • Collaborate with influencers in your niche.
  • Stay active with regular updates and new content.

Building a loyal, engaged viewer base is vital for long term channel success. The platform itself does not guarantee an audience.

Best Practices For Monetization

To maximize monetization of your channel, some best practices include:

  • Enable both ad revenue and user payments. Diversify income streams.
  • Gradually introduce more premium gated content.
  • Research ad CPM rates for your niche.
  • Test different ad placement and frequency.
  • Promote conversions on the channel itself.
  • Partner with relevant brands for sponsored content.
  • Build emails lists via opt-ins and link in profile.

Monetizing the channel successfully requires testing and optimizing to maximize revenue. Both passive ad earnings and user payments are needed for decent income.

Verdict - Easy Streaming Channel Creation With Some Limitations

So where does this leave us with TVBoss Fire Ignite?

For absolute beginners, it can be a useful starting point to get your feet wet in the streaming space.

The quick launch process, dual platform access, and ample tutorials provide a solid foundation to tinker and learn.

For entrepreneurs and businesses, it offers a budget-friendly way to establish a presence on streaming TV. Though customization is limited, requiring supplementary promotion.

However, to thrive long term, the platform has clear gaps. Attracting and retaining an audience takes immense effort. Ad revenue is unreliable for meaningful income. And you quickly hit walls for channel customization.

While TVBoss Fire Ignite simplifies the process of channel creation, success comes down to the value of your content, engagement, and promotion.

The technology only goes so far. No “easy button” for profits exists here.

For many, the better path is mastering audience building strategies first. Then reinvesting profits into custom channel development for greater ownership and control.

Granted, that takes more work upfront. But the long term payoff is far greater.

Yes, with the right strategic foundation, TVBoss Fire Ignite can provide a low-cost boost on your way to streaming channel success.

Just don’t expect the software alone to magically catapult you to an automated income. Take it as one pragmatic tool in your streaming TV arsenal.

The opportunity is waiting. Now it’s your turn to craft riveting content worth watching!


Q1: What exactly is TVBoss Fire Ignite?

TVBoss Fire Ignite is a software platform that allows anyone to create their own streaming TV channels on Roku and Amazon Fire TV devices. It provides pre-built infrastructure to handle the technical aspects of building streaming channels to make the process easy for non-technical users.

Q2: How quick is the setup for a new channel?

One of the main benefits of TVBoss Fire Ignite is that you can set up a new streaming channel very quickly, usually in under 10 minutes start to finish. It uses a step-by-step wizard that guides you through naming your channel, selecting categories, uploading logos, etc. to get your channel live fast.

Q3: Can I monetize my streaming channel?

Yes, monetization options include running video/display ads, user paid subscriptions, pay-per-view purchases, and sponsored content. However, the platform's claims of easy passive income are exaggerated. You have to work to build an audience and strategically optimize monetization.

Q4: How much does TVBoss Fire Ignite cost?

There are two main pricing options. The Starter plan is a one-time fee of $27 for 1 channel. The Pro plan is a one-time fee of $77 for up to 10 channels. Optional upgrades are also available for channel optimization, training courses, and media assets.

Q5: What kind of support do users get?

Support options include step-by-step video tutorials, an active user community of over 7,500 members, and direct email access to the customer support team. So helpful resources are available but more strategic advice requires effort.

Q6: Can I make changes to my channel after launching?

Yes, you have access to edit all aspects of your channel after the initial launch, such as changing logo, descriptions, adding/removing videos, moderating comments etc. However, options for core channel layout and design customization are limited by the platform.

Q7: Do I need a Roku or Fire TV to use TVBoss Fire Ignite?

No, you can create and manage your streaming channels from any desktop or laptop. You don't need a physical Roku or Fire TV device. The channels you create can be viewed by users on their Roku and Amazon Fire TV devices.
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