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AI AutoBots Pro Oto Review: Don’t miss my $50 OFF and Valuable Bonus Packages for YOU!
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Today I am so excited to introduce to you the hottest deal of the day.

Working as an affiliate has been regarded as the easiest way to make money online. But it doesn’t mean that everyone can be successful in this ideal stay-at-home job.

It might seem simple and relaxing at first, that you don’t need to produce anything, deliver a service, be chained to the phone, or be managed by the clock. Well, I agree, but the flat truth will let you down at once.

Yeah, although I am a young affiliate, I have been through quite many ups and downs. Have you ever been in the same situation as me feeling frustrated when it comes to:

  1. Finding a profitable affiliate program or a product (for example, from Amazon) to promote while you know nothing.
  2. Setting up a website but the fact is you are a non-techie.
  3. Creating content and you keep asking yourself where you can get an idea to write, not to mention video content becomes trending but not your area of expertise.
  4. “Traffic”, “Ranking”, and “SEO”… those phrases are complicated to take over.

I am pretty sure that this is how newbies feel (like I did in the past) and even established marketers share they have got their success with their teams.

That’s why I am so impressed and my mind is blown when coming across AI AutoBots Pro – one alternative for all the tools you might need for an online business.

I am not exaggerating at all. This weapon owns a revolutionary AI technology that helps you work smarter, get faster results, and earn better income. Let’s move on to discover what’s inside it.

AI AutoBots Pro FE & All OTO Links

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What Is Called ‘AI AutoBots Pro’?

The app’s front end empowers users to individually train and construct AI Chatbots using data sourced from URLs, files, or textual content. These Chatbots can be seamlessly integrated as widgets on various web pages or directly embedded.

The platform also offers extensive customization options for the Chatbots, including naming, logo incorporation, color schemes, and welcome messages. The organization of Chatbots within workspaces is supported. These AI Bots can undergo training in multiple languages and possess the capability to establish and oversee client accounts.

Furthermore, the Chatbots can be configured with pre-filled questions. The application includes a collection of ready-to-use Chatbot templates, maintains a record of response history, and even furnishes visitor engagement features.

The Creators Of The Product

The ingenious mind behind this remarkable innovation is Karthik Ramani, an esteemed figure in the realm of digital marketing. With an extensive track record spanning over 15 years in internet marketing, Karthik Ramani has emerged as a true specialist within his domain.

Over the course of his career, he has introduced a multitude of exceptional products that have proven instrumental in helping numerous marketers, business proprietors, and individuals surmount a wide array of challenges.

In recent times, Karthik Ramani has firmly established himself on the Warrior Plus marketplace, consistently demonstrating his unwavering passion for technology through his trailblazing product offerings.

A few noteworthy examples encompass Prompt Engine Pro, Plannero, JusTap Evergreen, Rewardsly 2.0, Massfluence, Quizmatic, Augment Suite, and a host of others.

Through his unparalleled expertise and unwavering commitment, Karthik Ramani has left an indelible imprint on the digital marketing landscape, presenting avant-garde solutions that have revolutionized the modus operandi of online businesses.

Feature Details- What Do You Benefit From It?

In this part, I am going to give details on the core 5 apps and 1 training in AI AutoBots Pro that allows anyone to get real daily buyers and scale up their business even if they have no experience or technical skills needed.

Software 1: Zen Affiliate (Niches Database)

  • Pre-loaded with 100+ Amazon + eCom niches.
  • Pre-loaded with 400+ affiliate programs to review.
  • They are monthly searches, coming with CPC and average Amazon and earnings.

Software 2: AI Affiliate Creator

A cloud-based app helps you to:

  • Create unique articles with AI spinner technology!
  • THEN, turn scripts/articles into voice – with 5x Google “WaveNet” AI Human Voices.
  • Export as a zip file, with an image/script to make a video!

Software 3: Zen Video Creator

A cloud-based app helps you to:

  • Create Amazon “top 10” product review videos.
  • Promote any product or affiliate program.
  • Import the “AI” campaign zip file from “AI Affiliate”.
  • Turn that zip into an instant zip – with slides and voice.
  • Stay on top of EVERY network DAILY from your browser!
  • View the top 20 each day, or click to load the full list for each.

Software 4: Zen eCommerce WP theme

With this, you can:

  • Import the AI campaign zip file we created with AI Affiliate.
  • Instantly, your e-commerce store is pre-populated with affiliate reviews.
  • In-built spinner – no need for writing, techie headaches, or design work.
  • Get an instant webpage, and review the top.
  • Amazon affiliate offers for your niche…

Software 5: ECom Keywords

  • Target the best free traffic keywords on Google & YouTube.
  • AI Keywords is pre-loaded with thousands of profitable e-commerce keywords.
  • Simply choose your niche, and download the list of top keywords…
  • For over 100 of the best Amazon and e-commerce niches.
  • Then rank your AI videos and websites on Google & YouTube…

Last but not least, you buy the product with full Commercial and Agency Rights so you can use your video for any purpose and sell it to any business for 100% profit.

AI AutoBots Pro blows your mind with many software and its numerous functions. But that is not all.

In order to make sure you can make the best use of the software as well as maximize the profits, the creators have also delivered comprehensive and complete training on this software, including:

  • Video Training: It shows you how to deploy the DoneForYou videos in a matter of seconds, PRECISELY how to launch your first Affiliate A.I. Bots and get free traffic.

And remember, you can create videos for affiliate reviews, YouTube trailers, Facebook ads, and sales videos…all from this 5-in-1 software suite.

  • A Quick Start Guide that walks you through all the software in one simple PDF document.


To sum up, I think AI AutoBots Pro is something that we hardly resist. A powerful software suite that empowers us to get valuable buyer traffic for landing paying customers; site builder for professional, quick money-making websites in any niche; a chance to become a Super Affiliate with AI; profitable campaigns (Amazon, YouTube, Facebook) that we can promote,…

Before coming across AI AutoBots Pro, I could not imagine myself doing this complicated process ON MY OWN.

Similar to other newbies’ first time stepping into the MMO industry, I had no choice but to purchase a bunch of tools to handle the tasks for me, not to mention the help from my friends.

You know some worked, but others didn’t. That’s why I really expect you to consider carefully giving AI AutoBots Pro a try.

Believe me, with this, you will eliminate all the guesswork, avoid wasting on uncertainly workable software, and save a fortune as well. Look at how those tough parts are handled without you putting any fingers on them:

  • So finding the top eCom niches was DONE FOR YOU.
  • Discovering profitable Amazon products was DONE FOR YOU.
  • Writing unique “product review” articles was DONE FOR YOU.
  • Building eCom websites (with content) was DONE FOR YOU.
  • Recording “real” voiceovers were DONE FOR YOU.
  • Creating HD videos (with images + slides) was DONE FOR YOU.
  • Finding the best buyer keywords was DONE FOR YOU.
  • Getting “buyer” traffic from YouTube & Google was DONE FOR YOU.
  • Generating affiliate commissions with Amazon was DONE FOR YOU.

HOW DO AI AutoBots Pro WORK?

AI AutoBots Pro works in a logical and smart way, which makes sure every step is relevant and done smoothly.

Follow these 6 simple steps and you can start making money from now on.

STEP 1: Choose A Niche

Choose a profitable one among 100 pre-loaded Amazon niches that have millions of searches and huge affiliate commissions.

STEP 2: Choose Some Affiliate Programs To Promote Using AI Affiliate

Simply load the software, and drag-and-drop a few products into the builder. And the software spins this into a complete “product review” article with unique text and images – all 100% done for you!

You also can choose from:

  • 11x background images to captivate your audience.
  • 12x fonts to customize your video and make the million-dollar copy convert.
  • 9x “royalty-free” music “backing tracks” for a professional touch.

STEP 3 – Add Voice

AI Affiliate ALSO turns your script into a REAL human voiceover with Google’s NEW Wavenet Text-to-voice technology.

Choose from 5 voices: male, and female voices in different countries like America, the UK, Australia…

STEP 4 – Create Video With Zen Video App

Now Our images, script & voiceover are all done…

So it’s time to create our video!

Simply import the “AI” campaign film they made, tweak it – hit go…

And download your video

STEP 5 – Setting Up A Website For Generating Traffic

  • Choose from the custom WP eCommerce theme to build a professional eCommerce store.
  • Import the AI campaign file they created earlier with their AI spinner tool, then click go. Instantly, your e-commerce store is pre-populated with your Amazon affiliate reviews.
  • Embed the video created in step 4 into your website.

STEP 6: Find The Valuable Keywords For Ranking Your Website

  • Simply choose your niche, and download the list of top keywords…
  • Then rank your AI videos and websites on Google & YouTube, for those exact ultra-targeted BUYER keywords!

Below are some results that other testers achieved after applying AI AutoBots Pro to their strategy, let’s check:

From a member of Rich W’s team:

And here’s from my close friend who was invited

And another friend

AI AutoBots Pro Bundle (Also Know as Fast Pass)

Bundling together its full core offer with all major upgrades available, AI AutoBots Pro bundle or Fast Pass is being offered at a ridiculously low discounted price. Here are the key bundle deal details:

  • All 7 Upgrades Included – Core commercial version plus all 6 upgrade offers providing unmatched all-in-one value.
  • Lifetime Access to Updates – Bundle owners enjoy automatic access to future major software updates at no additional costs.
  • Hefty Discount – Instead of paying over $1500 separately, the bundle is available at a one-time cost of just $347, approximately 75% off.
  • Free Bonuses – Valuable digital marketing trainings and assets worth thousands provided completely free as part of the bundle.

From an ROI perspective, the FastPass bundle at $347 is truly a steal considering its retail value of unlocking a powerful cloud-based AI assistant as well as immense income growth tools through agency software and further upgrades. It provides unmatched upfront savings and a clear path to recoup investments rapidly.

To summarize, AI AutoBots Pro is undoubtedly one of the most versatile AI solutions available today delivering ROI for both businesses and marketers alike. Some of the key takeaways include:

  • Easy to set up AI bots in under 60 seconds without coding
  • Automate key tasks to boost sales, leads, engagement and productivity
  • Bundle provides immense all-access value as the best entry point
  • Upgrades open lucrative agency software and revenue sharing business models
  • Backed by lead creator Karthik Ramani’s decade long experience and support
  • Thousands of users already achieving remarkable results across industries
  • 30 days money back guarantee removes all purchase risks

With so much to offer at affordable one-time payments, AI AutoBots Pro is a rare must-have software that delivers value far exceeding its costs. It provides unmatched means to exploit AI’s full potential profitably.

Frequently Asked Questions about AI AutoBots Pro

Now that we’ve covered the in-depth review of AI AutoBots Pro, let’s address some of the commonly asked questions users might have:

Q. What type of businesses or roles can benefit most from AI AutoBots Pro?

A. Almost any individual or business with an online presence can benefit hugely. Some that stand to gain the most include ecommerce stores, SaaS companies, agencies, coaches, consultants, bloggers, authors, course creators etc. Essentially, anyone seeking to automate tasks and engage customers round the clock.

Q. How easy is it for beginners to set up campaigns using AI AutoBots Pro?

A. Extremely easy. Even complete beginners can get fully functional bots up and running within minutes thanks to its user-friendly interface and training options. Comprehensive video guides and 24/7 support further simplifies the process.

Q. Can AI AutoBots Pro integrate with my email autoresponders and CRM softwares?

A. Yes, it supports all major email platforms like Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp etc. through its powerful API integrations. Leads collected through bots can sync with users’ CRMs for centralized management.

Q. Can I customize the auto bot interface and branding as per my needs?

A. Absolutely. AI AutoBots Pro provides full control over customizing aspects like bot logo, colors, name, welcome messages etc. Its advanced upgrade even removes all software branding completely.

Q. What languages does AI AutoBots Pro and its bots support?

A. The bots can be language localized and trained in all major languages through its right-to-left text features. Prompt Engine Pro, its AI prompt generator also supports English, Spanish, French, German and Italian.

Q. How many auto bots can I create with a single license?

A. The core license enables unlimited bots and campaigns to be set up and managed. High volume needs are further covered through advanced offer’s unlimited capabilities.

Q. Can I sell auto bots created using AI AutoBots Pro commercially?

A. Yes, both its core and advanced license provide full commercial rights. The reseller and marketplace upgrades additionally grant permissions for others to profit from one’s bots and prompts.

Q. What kind of support and resources are available for users?

A. Round-the-clock support via ticketing system. Also included are detailed step-by-step video tutorials, a searchable knowledge base and regular software updates for continued success.

Q. Is there a money back guarantee if it doesn’t work out?

A. Certainly. AI AutoBots Pro protects all purchases with a generous 30 days guarantee. Users can request a full refund within this period for any reason without questions asked.

I hope this FAQ roundup addresses some of the key questions around AI AutoBots Pro and how it can deliver tremendous value. Overall, it presents a complete yet affordable solution to exploit AI’s power profitably through versatile auto bots.


AI AutoBots Pro is for everyone because it guides you from the very first step to the target of earning thousands of dollars per month.

It gives you the right approach so that you will never be distracted by another confusing tool as well as burning your whole fortune.

In short, the product is a MUST-HAVE asset for:

  • Beginners
  • Marketers
  • Video Marketers
  • Website Owners
  • Digital Product
  • Freelancers
  • eCom + Amazon
  • Social Media Marketers



  • Commercial and Agency rights included.
  • NEW 6-in-1 Cloud-Based App.
  • Become A Super Affiliate.
  • Create real videos.
  • Get Unlimited Buyer Traffic.
  • DoneForYou Website Theme.
  • DoneForYou content.
  • Step-by-step training and Videos.
  • No skills or experiences are needed.
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.


  • In fact, there is only one irritating point. You have to make sure the internet connection is good enough to access it.


The Frontend

The table above shows the approximate cost of investing in the procedure of generating affiliate campaigns. So it is understandable that people hardly reach their goals.

However, now you have access to all those things thanks to AI AutoBots Pro with 6 robust software while just a tiny investment of less than $27 is required. To be specific, $26 for the Lite Version and $27 for the Pro version.


The Pro version with lots of advanced features is sold at a special price: $20! Do you believe this? Such a dirt cheap price. However, this offer is available for a limited time, so you have to take action as soon as possible or you will regret it.

Please don’t think that a cheap price is unable to guarantee quality.

As you can see from my review, running your own business which is profitable quickly is never out of reach with the help of AI AutoBots Pro. I have to admit that Rick, Chris, and Teresa kind of intend to help beginners rather than make commercial profits.

Especially, when you decide to buy AI AutoBots Pro through my link, you will be offered an Earlybird Coupon with a timer.

This good deal will not last long because the price will go up soon. In addition, you still get 30 a Money Back guarantee with NO questions asked.

Whenever you feel unsatisfied, return it and get back your money. It is a risk-free investment. Take action now!

The All-In-One AI AutoBots Pro Bundle Offer

Price: $347 (one-time payment)

This is the special offer that the creator team provides in this launch. With this all-in-one AI AutoBots Pro Bundle offer, you can get all products (FE + Upsells) at a great discounted price.

Let’s take a look at what you will get with this AI AutoBots Pro bundle purchase:

  • FE Product: AI AutoBots Pro Commercial
  • Upsell 1: Advanced Edition
  • Upsell 2: Marketplace Edition
  • Upsell 3: Business Edition
  • Upsell 4: Prompt Engine Club
  • Upsell 5: Prompt Engine MidJourney
  • Upsell 6: Reseller Edition
  • Access & Rights Included
  • Exclusive Bonus Packages
  • High-class Support Service
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Add code “autobots50off” for $50 OFF

Fast-Pass Offer: AI AutoBots Pro Fast-Pass Bundle Offer – $263 (one-time payment)

If you have already purchased the FE product and now want to grab all the OTOs, you should go for this offer to save a lot of money.

Let’s move to the next section to discover information on upsell versions!

The Upsells

What’s more, you can consider more choices with advanced features in AI AutoBots Pro Upsells:

UPSELL 1: AI AutoBots Pro Advanced


UPSELL 2: AI Autobotspro Templateclub


UPSELL 3: AI Autobotspro Business


UPSELL 4: AI Autobotspro Reseller


UPSELL 5: PromptEngine Pro Special


UPSELL 6: Justap Special


I am so happy now because I have already delivered my honest review of AI AutoBots Pro. Thank you very much for reading my whole review. Truly hope it helps you make a smart decision.

$37 for AI AutoBots Pro and change your life better from now on. Don’t forget you still have a right thanks to the 60-day money-back policy without questions asked. Nothing to hesitate about, just purchase!

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