Qualities of an effective project manager

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When you are assigned to lead the work of a team to achieve some project goals within given constraints, you will know just how difficult it is. Project management is an interesting career adventure but not easy. You have to stick to the primary constraints which are the scope of the project, the time available for full execution of the project, and the budget available to you. So many people are on the quest to land project management jobs because of how lucrative it is but there are some qualities to be imbibed to be termed a ‘great project manager’. Let us see some of these qualities.


To be a great project manager, you must possess very good leadership skills. This is not even debatable because the position requires that you lead a team. You have to be prepared enough to lead your team from the start of the project to the end of it effectively. Now leading is not just pulling your team to dish out instructions and being too hard on them when they do not work smart. You should harness their strengths to the fullest and give them a clear understanding of what the project entails, their roles, and how you need them to be successful yourself. Your team should be able to see you as a leader that they want to follow and work for. They should be willing to have you on other projects after the one they are presently handling. This can only happen with the way you relate with your teams. It should be professionally done so that your team would feel that they may not perform well in future projects if you are not there to lead them again.

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Effective communication

This is one of the characteristics of a great project manager. Most times, great leaders are voted for because of their astronomical oratory skills. You must speak distinctly and wear a good charisma in the process. Your decorum and speeches could get people to work their best just because of how you have addressed them with class, yet humility. Effective communication should take into account, the expectations, goals, and responsibilities of the team who will be working with you in the most comprehensive and friendly manner. As a great project manager, you should be able to communicate well with not just your team but also your clients throughout the project. Getting everyone on the same page should be the objective.

Problem-solving skills

You can further cement your legacy as a great project manager when you are able to solve problems that come up effortlessly. Well, this skill doesn’t just possess you. You need to have taken certain training modules. Some of these can be online while you are already at the project. Learning and getting new certifications will be useful. The most important of these courses should be online PMP certification training. It teaches most to all of the skills you will need to solve the different types of problems you may encounter as a project manager. It comes with a certification that is internationally recognized.

Soft skills

In the business world of today, tech skills cannot be neglected. This is because so many processes are being transitioned from manual to automated ones. Automation helps speed up work and so employees with very good tech skills are always in high demand. If you want to attain the status of a great project manager, you should add some soft skills to your hat. There is a high probability that your team may not be as vast. If you need to teach some of them how to get things done faster, you should be prepared to train them on some of these soft skills. This means you should know some basics yourself. Project managers with soft skills are more prepared to build a collaborative team. This will help them lead their team to success more effectively.

Honesty and integrity

A great project manager is also known for his integrity throughout the stages of the project. You must be perceived as a great project manager not just by your team members but also by your manager and the company you work for. When you constantly show a high degree of honesty, trust, and integrity to everyone throughout the cycle of any project you handle, your chances of success will be high. It will help you set a good example for your team to follow. This also shows your team and manager that you are committed to the project and willing to see it through effectively to the end at all costs.

Final word

There are so many project managers in recent years because of how popular that position has become. It boosts your resume especially when you add your experiences to your certifications and paves way for you to land bigger projects. Since there are many of you out there, you need to stand out as a great project manager by acting the part in any project you manage. It is very important that those you have worked with only have praise for you if you want to attain that status.

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