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Fraudulent Actions


This is a story that really hits close to the heart and when I signed on as a writer I wouldn’t have thought that my first article would be of such magnitude.

However, on 10/27/2021, this writer was sent a text message with a photo of a dumpster in front of a home on Detroit’s west side. This house happened to be my daughter’s home so naturally I want to find out what’s going on, so I go over to see for myself because I was not even ultimately aware that there was any sort of action against her regarding this home and nobody was answering my calls. So, I went to investigate.

Upon my arrival, I found 8 unknown individuals inside and outside. There were 6 individuals removing property from the home to my surprise at which time I asked, “What’s going on?” I was directed to the upstairs, so I proceeded upstairs. This is where I encountered 2 other individuals with guns one being DPD officer, the other 36 District Court officer by the name of Carter badge number 131. Upon inquiry as to what was going on I was told my Carter that there was an eviction taking place and that they were ordered to remove the occupants and property from the home.

Keep in mind as I stated earlier that this article hit close to home and imagine the look of horror in the eyes of my 2 grand children ages 10 and 13 sitting on their mother’s bed up against the far wall shaking like leaves on a tree. I was immediately told by Carter to go back down stairs which I decline this order and informed Carter that I would not leave my grand children alone with them up there as they were obviously experiencing trauma from this ordeal.

I asked Carter for a warrant which he didn’t have. Carter pulled out a piece of paper which allegedly was an Application and Request for Eviction signed allegedly by 36th District Court Judge Ruth Garrett. The funny thing about this is that the document had no Court seal making it suspicious to me, but what was even more suspicious was the name of the Plaintiff Wayne County International, LLC and Defendant named as Occupant. Occupant is not my daughter’s name but she owns the house or at least I thought she did. I also thought that it was a Federal crime to open other peoples mail, so if mail came to the home addressed to Occupant and not Rashida it would have been a criminal act for anyone who’s name isn’t Occupant to open said mail.

Even more ironic is the fact that Default Judgement was entered against Occupant in favor of Wayne County International, LLC. Carter advised that the Order was issued because Occupant didn’t show up for hearings, so I did some investigating of my own. I went on Michigan Licensing and Regulatory Affairs(LARA) web cite and did a business search for Wayne County International, LLC and you should imagine my surprise to discover that Wayne Count International, LLC was dissolved 01/07/2021.

So, I went back to Carter and asked if Plaintiff have appeared for any hearings, I was advised by Carter that either the Plaintiff or Plaintiff’s Lawyer had appeared. I advised Carter that neither Plaintiff nor Plaintiff’s lawyer couldn’t have shown up because Plaintiff didn’t exist and therefore could not have a lawyer. I then showed Carter the LARA search results that Wayne County International, LLC had been dissolved 01/07/2021, and then asked, “How can a Judgement be entered on behalf of a dissolved Corporation?” Carter advised this writer that, “Somebody showed up.”

Now I’m no rocket scientist but I would appear to this writer that fraudulent actions had been employed in this instance. A lawyer filed papers in a so called Court of law for a Plaintiff that don’t exist. What in the heck is this world coming too when a non existent Plaintiff can win a case against a real live flesh and blood human being. This would seem impossible even in this day and age, but I guess evidently not because I just seen it happen. My daughter was not and has never been given a copy of this notice.
FRAUDElliot Bey

This fraud goes deep as I was not able to get a full shot of this Application but in top right hand corner the typed alleged case number has been marked through and another number written in. Please help me make sense of this.

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