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Massive commercial building fire in Hollywood


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Saturday at 11 pm firefighters received an unconfirmed report of a growing structure fire at N Western Ave & Melrose Ave in Hollywood. The address was later changed to 5035 Melrose Ave. According to Yelp, this is King Market grocery store.

Firefighters arriving on the scene reported that the smoke was rising from a single-story commercial building.

Citizen app user video showed firefighters on scene and smoke billowing at least twenty feet into the air.

Investigating firefighters reported finding a fire burning in the rear of the building.

Just 10 minutes later, large flames developed and fanned out from the building.

Multiple additional fire units arrived on scene to assist with bringing the blaze under control.

Firefighters reported that the fire was heaviest on the roof and crews speculated that the fire may have been confined to the attic.

Firefighters advised that they were working to ensure that the fire did not spread to nearby occupied areas.

Crews had four water lines on the fire and additional firefighters en route to assist and relieve crewmembers.

Nearly thirty minutes later, firefighters reported that they had made good progress on extinguishing the fire, with all visible flames from the roof put out. Crews were still working on the flames inside the building.

The building appeared unoccupied.

The main fire was extinguished about thirty minutes after the start after it was reported, according to firefighters on scene. Crews continued to monitor and search to ensure that no signs of hidden pockets of smoke or flame remained.

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