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Gas station fire in Fruitvale


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On Monday afternoon shortly after 4 pm, a gas station was reportedly on fire at Fruitvale Ave & School St. The scene that unfolded included far more than a simple vehicle or gas station fire.

Soon after, it was reported that a man at the scene was hit in some kind of collision.

Medics were on route for the injured man minutes after the report.

Police on the scene reported that the injured man was unconscious.

Firefighters on the scene then reported that there is both a pump and vehicle engulfed in flames.

Ten minutes after the incident was reported, police requested a tow truck.

Police on the scene reported that the vehicle was partially burnt with major damage on the driver's side and in front.

Firefighters on the scene confirmed closer to 4:40 pm that they had put out the vehicle fire.

According to crime reporting app, Citizen, users, the original incident report is missing a few key players. A driver attempted a U-turn, was hit by another vehicle, then continued on.

Another report indicates that a driver ran the entire pump over including the box holding the pumps. This may be when the man was hit by the vehicle.

Static electricity is one of the main causes of fires at gas stations. Using cell phones at gas stations can give way to activities that can statically charge customers as they refuel their gas tanks. For example, a customer may receive a call and re-enter the vehicle to answer it. Usually, a driver hitting the pump is rarer.

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