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Commercial building basement burns in Chinatown


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On Saturday a little after 11 pm in Los Angeles a structure fire was reported at 727 N Hill Street, originally Ord St & N Hill St.

The location was in Chinatown near a collection of Chinese restuarants.

Citizen app user videos showed black smoke rising into the air near the intersection, as well as firefighters arriving to investigate.

Arriving firefighters reported seeing signs of fire in a commercial basement.

The basement appeared to be engulfed in flames. Crews worked to bring the blaze under control.

Firefighters battled the flames for close to fifteen minutes. They then reported that the main fire has been extinguished.

Units then worked to ensure that no hidden pockets of smoke or flames remained, as well as confirming that the fire did not spread to the ground level.

They later confirmed that the fire did not spread to the ground level of the commercial building.

According to an update from the Los Angeles Fire Department, the fire started as a vehicle fire in the commercial building's basement parking garage.

According to the LA Times, the most recent fire to have taken place in Los Angeles is the Sargents fire, which started Sunday.

The largest active fire is the Live Oak fire, which has burned 197 acres so far. It started on May 27 and is 80% contained.

There are currently 20 other fires taking place around the United States, some burning for as long as 81 days. Be safe, and report smoke or a fire when you see it.

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