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Ode to Addison Street


If you’re someone who’s decided that walking downtown past Shattuck is a good use of your time, welcome. You’re a cultured smartypants. But only if you’ve taken a stroll down Addison Street. After weeks spent staring at my phone or sleepwalking down the street before taking a peek around,

This street is a Berkeley staple. A street of history and wonders. And I encourage you to give it a walk. Especially since, now that more and more people are getting vaccinated, it's possible Shattuck Streets will be a thing once more.

I finally became acquainted with Addison, and it’s been a growing romance ever since.

Say you decide to turn your head the other way; are those art installments you see? Heck yeah they are! It feels like they change the displays in the windows (around Addison and Milvia I believe) every month or so, and the medium of art always changes as well. (Update: see here for the list of past displays. The current one is sweet but is sadly not on the website yet.)

If you notice your shoes are untied or you drop your ecofriendly water bottle, you’ll probably spend more time down there than you think. Because the ground is covered in poems.

This is one of my favorites (most are longer and…dense) and can be found on the corner of Shattuck and Addison by Half-Price Books. I may or may not have made a mental note when I saw it for the purpose of this blog because I’m that lame.

Now get yourself some cultcha.

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