Austin, TX

Sorry, Austin. A new study called this Texas town the best place in America for remote workers.

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Now that physical offices are becoming a thing of the past, remote working is here to stay. That means you can relocate just about anywhere. But where should you go?

According to a new study, three towns in Texas have all the right stuff to serve your needs.

The study examined 200 US cities on seven criteria that factor into the remote work experience, including:

  • Financial incentives for remote workers
  • Earning potential
  • Workspace (size of home, number of rooms, availability of co-working spaces)
  • Internet connectivity (speed, broadband coverage, 5G, fiber)
  • Affordability (home sale price, Internet cost, rent, etc.)
  • Safety
  • Amenities (including the number of food delivery services!)

The criteria were weighted and the winning entries were those that did the best in as many criteria as possible.

And the winner is...

Of all those cities, Dallas suburb Plano, Texas has claimed the number 1 spot in the US for remote workers. As the results attest:

Spacious homes, the highest broadband coverage, and low crime all boosted the city’s score. However, Plano really stands out in financial metrics. The city has the 10th most affordable rent, no state income tax (like all other Texas cities), and the 19th highest average household income.

According to the Dallas Neighborhood Guide "Plano is a Dallas suburb that is known for its diversity and small-town vibes, with all the benefits of a big city."

Frisco, Texas, another Dallas suburb, came in a close second for many of the same reasons. In fact, Frisco's earning potential is rated as higher than Plano's and the city boasts more workspace opportunities. It's also deemed a family-friendly city.

Austin came in at number 7. This article reports Austin is a haven for remote workers and nomads, providing plenty of community if you're feeling lonely while away from the office. It's also creating new co-working spaces and has plenty of independent coffee houses where you can park your laptop.

Houston ranked number 12, just missing the top 10.

The study notes that most of the top 10 contenders were in the South, often because cities there combine a relatively low cost of living with larger homes and solid earning potential.

Remote workers spend a significant amount of time in their homes so it makes sense to really analyze what you need to be happy in this position. Fortunately for Texas residents, many nearby towns boast a good quality of life with a fairly low cost of living.

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