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Yelp reviewers rated this gut-loving Costa Mesa, California restaurant the third best in America

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Avo toast on sourdough breadFermentation Farm on Yelp

If the rumbling in your tummy is more than just hunger, you may want to check out Fermentation Farm in Costa Mesa, the restaurant that cares about your probiotic gut health. It just happens to be Yelp's third best-rated restaurant in America for 2022.

Like many California restaurants, Fermentation Farm focuses on fresh, locally-grown ingredients. But it doesn't stop there. The eatery also has its own fermentation kitchen, producing foodstuffs with beneficial bacteria and yeast to encourage your belly to function the way it should. Per the website, the restaurant:

Farms beneficial bacteria and yeast for our probiotic benefit. Dr. Yasmine Mason founded Fermentation Farm in 2014 with the fundamental belief that a “Healthy Gut = Healthy Life.” We are more than just a fermentation kitchen in Costa Mesa, we are a community of people that care deeply about reconnecting with handcrafted, traditional foods that are dense in nutrients.

However you like your fermentation, Fermentation Farms is whipping it up, right on the premises. Sourdough bread? Check. Kombucha? Of course. Yogurt? Let's go dairy-free with coconut. Beef broth? Coming right up. Sauerkraut? It's right there in your sandwich.

The menu is simple, but bursting with freshness and fermentation. You can stop by for a breakfast taco in a hand-made corn tortilla with fermented harissa. Or maybe you'd prefer the Kraut grilled cheese and corn chowder with ghee for lunch. If you haven't had enough fermented foods yet, you may want to sample the sprouted kefir cornbread, sourdough banana bread, or pickled egg salad.

After your meal, you can make a stop in the lovely market area and buy many of these items to take home. Or if you're really keen, Fermentation Farms also offers classes on how to make many fermented foods.
Fermentation Farm's market areaFermentation Farm on Yelp

With such contented bellies, it's no wonder guests won't stop raving on Yelp.

"So many favorites here. The sourdough pancakes and french onion soup are delicious."

"We got the brisket taco, the chicken taco, and the kimchi quesadilla; all were amazing!"

"Definitely ask for a couple of kombuchas samples while you're there. Mango and raspberry are popular but if you want to get out of your comfort zone then try turmeric ginger tangerine or vanilla chamomile and ginger."

Funny, my stomach feels better already.

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