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Most of us start the day with a routine. We wake up, make the bed, put on a pot of coffee, wash our face, brush our teeth, shower and dress, check our email inbox, have breakfast and head out to work.

When it comes to basic personal hygiene, we usually think about it in the following areas:

  • Facial – cleanser, toner, mask, moisturizer, sunscreen
  • Hair – shampoo, conditioner, styling, haircuts
  • Dental – brushing, flossing, mouthwash, dental cleanings
  • Nails – regular manicures and pedicures
  • Body – showering or bathing, deodorant, exfoliants, lotions

For others, personal hygiene includes clean eating and spa services such as facials, massages, waxing, etc. Sleep hygiene is another hot topic that should be incorporated into our daily routine, so we are adequately rested for the following day.

If you ask anybody in the fitness industry, they will tell you that moving our bodies everyday should be a part of everyone’s daily hygiene routine. I spoke with certified personal trainer, Abbe Chane, founder of Abbe’s Golden Girls ‘n Guys at length about this.
Abbe Chane exercisingAbbe Chane

Abbe has taken the word exercise out of her vocabulary when speaking with people. Instead, she refers to exercise as movement. Abbe said, “Sometimes people will tell me they hate to exercise, and they shut down the conversation. That is not good. I found that when I use the word movement, people are more receptive.”

It’s true that as we age, we tend to slow down and not move as much. Society, regardless of age, tends to be increasingly sedentary. We are so attached to our screens – TV, phone, tablet, etc. The obesity rate keeps going up because we are eating more and moving less.

The more we sit around, the harder it is to get up and move. As a result, we suffer bone loss, lose muscle mass, add fat, lose balance and flexibility.

Just like we have accepted the term sleep hygiene, we need to add movement to our daily personal hygiene routine. It does not have to be rigorous exercise where we feel sore for days after. It can be as simple as taking a walk one day, stretching the next and yoga after that.

Abbe offers online livestream classes twice a week. While it is geared for people fifty and beyond, she has lots of people who are younger that have signed up. She offers chair yoga, strength training, balance, and low-impact aerobics for a full-body workout.
Abbe Chane leading an exercise classAbbe's Golden Girls 'n Guys

If you can’t make the live class, you can replay the video for seven days. As a personal trainer, Abbe always refers to the muscle groups and the benefits of the exercises. She also shows modifications, which makes her classes ideal for seniors, people with physical limitations, etc.

What is important to Abbe is that people try her classes with a one-week free trial before signing up. Once someone becomes a subscriber, there are no contracts, and her classes are less than a fancy cup of specialty coffee. Even though the classes are online, Abbe is available to her clients via phone and email if they have particular questions.
Alan Chane enjoying a bike rideAbbe Chane

When we think of exercise or movement as part of our daily hygiene routine, we will be more likely to make it a habit. It will seem like less of a chore and more of what we need to do to keep our bodies healthy.

What are your thoughts? Is daily exercise already a part of your routine? Follow me for more lifestyle articles like this.

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