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Brand new wellness facility in Vero Beach offering a service not found on the Treasure Coast

Ellen Contreras
Services offered at Kramer WellnessKramer Wellness

Vero Beach is a quaint, small town in Florida that many people often refer to as “Mayberry by the sea.” While we would like to keep it that way, it is always exciting when a business opens offering something new to the area.

Kramer Wellness has opened their doors in a soft opening of their beautiful facility located at 1850 43rd Ave., Ste. C4-5 just south of SR-60. This is a spa offering many services, but they have one thing that many of the other wellness facilities on the Treasure Coast do not have – colon hydrotherapy, also known as colonics.

Wendi Kramer, one of the owners of Kramer Wellness, is a registered nurse who has benefitted from this therapy. Years ago, while dealing with cancer, the medications disrupted her digestive system. She found relief from a facility in West Palm Beach and that led her on her professional path in the medical industry. While she still enjoys her career as a registered nurse in Vero Beach, Wendi wanted to bring this therapy to our area as she knows how it will benefit so many. Her partner, Brooke Brum, has her degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science and is excited to share her vast knowledge with the community too.
L-R: Priscilla Rodriguez, Community Outreach Coordinator; Brooke Brum, Business Development Coordinator; Wendi Kramer, Founder & RNChristina Klingler

There are places offering this service in Brevard County to the north and Palm Beach County to the south. Now the residents of Indian River County do not have to make the long drive as it is here in our backyard.

Colon hydrotherapy has been around for a long time and is extremely popular with athletes as many feels that it boosts their performance. Celebrities love them too saying it helps them release toxins from their bodies, makes their skin glow and helps them sleep better. Everyday people also report that it helps their digestive system function more efficiently and alleviates feelings of bloating and constipation.
Colon hydrotherapy room at Kramer WellnessEllen Contreras

While I am not here to report on colon hydrotherapy, I wanted to share my experience with this treatment and several other services Kramer Wellness has to offer. Today I had my first colon hydrotherapy treatment, and I will go back again. The day before, I mentioned to someone that I was going to have a colonic and she said she had those treatments and said it was relaxing and that she felt amazing afterward. That helped to take away my apprehension.

Upon entering Kramer Wellness, it feels welcoming. The décor and color palette are very soothing. There is a retail space with many products sourced locally, from honey to jewelry to supplements that are designed to complement the services they offer.

Helen Wood is the licensed professional who conducts the colon hydrotherapy treatments and she made me feel instantly at ease. She has been in this field for over 40 years and teaches this procedure at her school in Kissimmee, FL – Wood Hygienic Institute. Helen explained the process and it was surprisingly comfortable. I barely felt any pressure. I thought I might feel bloated as the water was introduced but that was not the case. I was covered with a large towel and lying on a comfortable padded table with a fluffy pillow. It only took about 45 minutes, and, like my friend said, I found it relaxing.

Immediately after, I went into the salt room. Wendi said the spa loungers did not arrive on time for the soft opening, but that is not surprising with all the supply chain issues the entire world is experiencing. However, there were comfy floor pillows of assorted sizes and a bench. Socks are necessary, but it did not stop me from having fun digging through the deep layer of pink Himalayan salt on the floor. The air was infused with salt, but it did not make me cough at all. The walls are also encrusted in salt and the lighting is diffused which makes the room feel cozy. The effect made the room glow in a soft, pink light.
Salt room at Kramer WellnessEllen Contreras

The week before, my husband and I had an ionic foot bath treatment. Our feet were soaking in warm water with sea salt along with a device that ionized the water. It enabled the toxins in our body to be excreted through the pores in our feet. After 30 minutes, Wendi and Brooke rinsed off our feet. We both felt so relaxed and light. However, the water was no longer clear. It was a dark, muddy color. We were glad to rid our bodies of those toxins.

These are only a few of the services to be enjoyed at Kramer Wellness. Wendi and Brooke have created an environment that is calming, and restful while being surrounded by state-of-the-art technology. Their mission is to help people rid their body of toxins and achieve a state of overall wellness. They also enjoy answering questions and educating their clients.

Visit the website for all the details – – enjoy a variety of massage therapies, ozone sauna, PEMF therapy and more. This spa will not be Vero’s best kept secret. With Wendi and Brooke’s passion for healthy living, their education and their wonderful team, Kramer Wellness will have a perpetually full calendar, even during the summer.

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