Wife Divorces Husband After He Loses Six-Figure Job. His Family Warned Him She Was a Gold Digger.

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A man took to Reddit to share his story about marrying a woman who only wanted him for his money. As soon as he lost his six-figure job, things went sour in their relationship.

He was able to land a new job, but for a significantly lower salary. They could afford to keep the house but couldn't continue to spend freely the way they had been.

He told his wife they had to change their spending habits. No more splurging on expensive tastes. No more private school for the kids.

His wife wasn't very happy about this, and lo and behold, two months later, his wife said she needed a break.

She took the kids with her to her mother's. A few weeks later, she filed for divorce.

But here's the clincher: within two weeks, she had a new boyfriend. Within three months, she had shacked up with him.

The new boyfriend is a surgeon! However, that doesn't mean that this woman didn't take half of this man's assets in the divorce.

But the situation gets even more tragic: he assumes his now ex-wife was cheating on him while they were married.

The most crushing thing of all is that this man's family had already warned him about this woman ten years earlier. Before they even got married, his parents and sister told him that something was "off" with her.

What makes this story so ironic is that when he met his now ex-wife in college, he was a broke, loan-ridden student. He grew up lower middle class and had to fight for everything he had.

Meanwhile, she dropped out of college, claiming she didn't need a degree because she planned to be a stay-home mom once they had kids. This was alright by this man as he was happy she wanted to stay home with their future children.

His perfect life came to fruition when he landed his "dream job" after college. All that hard work paid off.

He was now earning six figures. He had a cushy job: company car and paid travel. The company even footed the bill for him to get his Master's degree.

And then there was the signing bonus. He used part of it to buy an engagement ring for his wife-to-be.

Because he started dating her before he came into money, he assumed she was marrying him for love. But there were more red flags that he ignored.

His wife-to-be planned an extravagant, expensive wedding. Once they were married, she demanded they buy the biggest house they could find.

Before long, his signing bonus was gone. He told his new wife they needed to slow down with the spending.

She wouldn't listen.

They had two children together. His wife's spending problem just got worse. She spoiled the children. Spoiling the kids was okay for this man as he had grown up wanting for so much.

But then, he was laid off from his six-figure job. They couldn't keep spending the way they were.

He asked his wife to downsize her lifestyle. She refused.

Then she decided she didn't even want to be married anymore.

Did she leave this man because he lost his six-figure job? It seems like it.

His family hasn't given him a "told you so," though he suspects that's how they feel. He even feels he deserves to hear it.

How could he have missed the clues that this woman was a gold digger?

Robin Wood wrote for MensXP that it's not so hard to discern when a woman just wants you for your money:

She'll always go beyond what she can afford because she has expensive tastes. If she's not in a high-paying job and yet she likes to wear branded clothes and shoes and always expects you to buy her ridiculously expensive things, with no consideration for your wallet, then you know what you're in for.

Wendy Wortham, a wedding officiant, also explains how she coaches men to protect themselves against marrying gold diggers. It all starts with the engagement ring. If a woman is demanding an expensive engagement ring then Wortham asks a man to ask himself: "...what else his future with this bride would require or demand?"

Would it be a bigger house? Nicer car? Too much is never enough for some people. When you bend make sure you aren’t going to break. Set limits. If you don’t, a gold digger won’t either. You can’t buy love.

But about the divorce? A woman is allowed to divorce her husband if she wants. There is no law against ending a marriage.

This man even explains that his ex-wife claims they had grown apart because he worked too many hours and was never around. That's definitely grounds to divorce a man, even if this guy isn't happy about it.

Unfortunately, taking half of his assets is also in her right. Annie Lane of Dear Annie says that when deciding who gets what in a divorce, "what you had before marriage is yours, and what [she] had before marriage is [hers], and anything that you acquired during marriage is to be split down the middle."

Sure, this man may look back on his failed marriage with anger, wishing he wouldn't have let his wife squander so much money and then take even more in the divorce, but this is life. He just has to move on.

Maybe next time, listen to your family's warnings.

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