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Man Goes on "Mega-Dating" Spree, Dating Women in Every U.S. State. He Still Claims Doesn't Understand Women

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A twenty-five-year-old man from Huntley, Montana, began his Tinder dating journey during the pandemic lockdown. After "Zoom dating" women near his hometown, Matthew Wurnig opened up his Tinder search.

He began to match with women from different states. Soon, he was chatting with women across the union.

The lockdown ended and Wurnig decided to travel to meet these women. He now proudly claims to have dated a woman from every single U.S. state.

He's hot-air-ballooned with a woman from New Mexico, ziplined with a gal from New Hampshire, air-boated with a Louisiana native, and parasailed with a woman from Hawaii. He's documented this odyssey on his TikTok account, "50datesin50states."

You'd think that after going on dates with so many women that Wurnig would have a better understanding of the female gender. This is not the case. He told Lucy Notarantonio of Newsweek that women are still a mystery to him.

Perhaps this is because before embarking on his mega-dating journey Wurnig had only been on five dates in his life. But this begs the question, what is he getting out of this adventure besides good times and content for his TikTok?

Dating expert Emyli Lovz told Newsweek that Wurnig is benefitting from learning about women, which is exactly what he needs. Mega-dating is also a great way to meet the right person. By casting your net so wide you're traveling all over the country to meet dates, you have the chance to "compare and contrast different people," Lovz says. That's healthy.

The dating expert also notes, "Doing this, allows you to see patterns in your selection process that may be holding you back from true love."

Plus, when you do ultimately settle down, you won't have any regrets. Call it sowing one's wild oats. You'll have no worry that the grass is greener somewhere else because you've already uncovered every stone.

I agree. Casting my net wide is exactly how I met my current partner.

I met my partner by mega-dating.

After my divorce, I dated liberally with the help of Tinder. I swiped right on men I wasn't sure I'd like just to see how it went.

I had a hunch that finding my mate was a numbers game. I simply had to get out there and meet people if I had any hope of partnering with a new man.

I was correct.

After a year of dating a lot of Mr. Wrongs through Tinder, I finally found my Mr. Right. It took a year of meeting up with various guys around town to find him though. Still, I don't feel like my year of dating was a waste of time.

I met nice guys and not-so-nice ones. I learned the folly of stereotyping men or being negative about dating.

Too often we categorize an entire gender as "bad" just because we've had a negative experience with one member. Had I let my anger and disappointment toward my ex-husband embitter me, I never would have met my new partner.

Thank goodness I didn't. I kept a positive outlook and got out there again. I came out ahead because of this perspective. I ended up meeting a great guy.

Is there anything wrong with mega-dating?

Still, dating coach Hayley Quinn told Newsweek that mega-dating with no clear goal could have its drawbacks. In Wurnig's case, she worries that he might be objectifying his dates.

According to Quinn, "'s more about the ego boost you get from what you've 'achieved' than the individuals present."

And what about dating someone who's been out with so many other people? Won't that feel a little weird knowing you're just one of many?

Lovz says it doesn't have to.

Instead, knowing that a person ultimately chose you after meeting so many other people should make you feel special. And besides, it might simply be what they needed to do to finally meet you.

What do you think? Have you ever tried "mega-dating"? Would you ever date someone who lived in a different state? What about dating people from every state? Do you think Wurnig will ever find the one this way? Let me know in the comments.

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