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My Ex’s Rich Parents Are Buying Him a House but Wouldn’t Pay My Child Support

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When I first left my husband, he wasn’t working and couldn’t help me. His rich parents could have but refused. Now they’re buying my ex a $1,000,000 house in Los Angeles. 

I was shocked when I heard the news the other day: my ex-husband’s parents are buying him a house. Yes, you heard that right: my ex’s parents are buying him a $1,000,000 house in Los Angeles. 

Sound crazy? Yes, it does. Especially since they refused to pay my child support when my ex wasn’t working.

They always said that it was his responsibility to provide for his family so why would they help me out? 

They are wealthy and could have helped. I struggled for years. 

My ex never struggled even though he was out of work. His parents paid his bills the whole time. 

And now all of a sudden, they’re buying him a house worth $1,000,000?

Sure, our children will have bedrooms there, but I don’t know how to feel. It just seems so unfair. 

I don’t know if I should feel happy for my kids or angry at my ex and his parents.

My husband fell into financial ruin and so I left him.

When I first left my husband, he was out of work. I had been doing all the parenting myself, while he gambled our life savings away on bad business deals where he was promised high returns as an investor. 

When the deals fell through, he claimed bankruptcy and took me down with him. He had taken out loans in my name to invest in various Ponzi schemes.

I had to claim bankruptcy too.

After my husband fell into financial ruin while we were still married, he never got a job again. I left him with all but the shirt on my back.

The problem was, because my ex wasn’t working, he couldn’t pay child support either! I was completely in charge of supporting our children on my own.

I asked my ex-in-laws to pay my ex-husband’s child support.

My ex-husband’s parents are wealthy so I thought they would help out with money or take care of things that needed to be paid like food for our kids. You know, seeing their son was giving me nothing in support for their grandkids.

I got a job but was making a very low wage. I hadn’t worked in years since I’d dedicated my life to being a mother during my marriage. I was barely scraping by. 

I remember asking my ex’s parents if they could help me with the child support their son wasn’t paying. My ex-mother-in-law yelled at me. “You left him! It wasn’t divorce that broke this family apart — it was your choice to leave.”

My ex-father-in-law kept lecturing me, peppering his phrases with how selfish I was for asking them for help with child support. 

He said this though they were wealthy enough to cover all of their grandkids’ expenses without blinking an eye.

Luckily, my life has improved.

Now, years later, things have changed a bit. I have a full-time job, writing. My ex has a job now and is making okay money. Still, I have the kids most of the time.

Because my ex lives in a tiny apartment, he stays at my place on his nights with our kids. He does pay child support, but not much. 

Still, I’m not as desperate as I once was. The news is somewhat good. And maybe it’s even better for our children that my ex-husband will be able to provide a $1,000,000 house for our kids to live in part-time.

Still, the fact my ex’s parents are buying him a house just doesn’t seem right. 

I don’t know what to make of this news. Part of me is happy that my ex will finally have a stable place to live so our children will have a nice place to stay. The other part of me is angry that my ex-in-laws are paying for this house and never helped me out when I was struggling.

What do you think? Is it wrong for them to be helping him out like this? Or am I being too bitter about the whole thing? Let me know in the comments!

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