8 Super Easy Ways to Save Money Like a Genius

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Do you love money; enjoy it even? If you’re like me, you love money but it doesn’t control your entire life.

If you are in debt or simply looking to grow your savings, you’re in luck. Here are 8 super easy ways to save money like a genius.

“Oh my gosh, I’m sick of being broke.”

Who hasn’t spoken those words before? I know I have and I get how it feels to work every day and still come home with nothing.

It’s a stressful feeling to want to provide for your children yet lack the means of doing so.

Growing up it would’ve been beneficial to know how there were many ways to save money and build savings for me.

Yet, looking back isn’t going to accomplish the task at hand. You want to learn a few saving money ideas; nothing complicated.

That is completely logical.

I want you to learn a few money-saving ideas too.

Break out the pen and paper, and jot down these 8 super easy ways to save money.

Your wallet will thank you.

Expense Waste

As you move through your everyday life, there are certain things you become accustomed to doing.

What you don’t realize is that tiny bits of money is spent every day, and it seemingly goes unnoticed.


It goes unnoticed because it’s a small amount. Take coffee, for example, there was a time when I wouldn’t touch coffee with a
ten-foot pole.

Slowly, as I continued in the world of office worker drones, coffee became the thing that made my morning bright.

Coffee is expensive, especially when you buy a certain brand and only that brand. That daily expense is a habit that needs to be broken.

A coffee might cost $4.50; which may seem like a small amount. But $4.50 for five days and four weeks amounts to roughly $90 a month.

That’s more than my cell phone bill. Instead of saving money, that’s $90 down the coffee drain because of your daily expense waste.

52-Week Challenge

The fun part of this challenge is that you can start at any amount you wish.

For this savings challenge, the minimum amount to start is $1. Using the 52-week challenge you can successfully save at least $1,400

Rules of the 52-Week Savings Challenge

You start by saving just $1 the first week of the challenge. Place the money in a jar on in your home.

It’s best to put it in a jar on a counter.

In the first week, you’d save $1. The next week, put away $2, and the following week, $3; and so on.

By the end of the challenge, you are saving more than $50 a week,
bringing your total amount saved to just under $1,400 by the end of the year.

Creative Gifts

Throughout the year, you will face celebrations that involve people you love and care about. These celebrations sometimes include gifts; gifts cost money.

Or do they?


Image by author

Instead of spending a lot of money on gifts with friends and family; or coworkers, spend some time creating heartfelt gifts.

Creating DIY gifts are less expensive and carry such a profound meaning. That’s what gifts should be about.

Buy Gently Used Items

There are some things you should never buy used, like pantyhose. However, there are plenty of useful items that are lightly used and in great shape.

Big money is often spent on appliances, furniture, electronics, phones, etc…Rather than spending thousands of dollars on something new, do some research and look for used items.

Companies, like Apple, offer refurbished items which are a great option if you’re worried about buying used from a person.

Care for Yourself

The best thing you can learn to do for yourself is to learn the basics of self-care when it comes to beauty and fashion.

I’m no fashion guru but I know how to do my hair without spending $200.

I know how to apply fingernail polish, clean my skin, and put together a nice looking outfit.

Spending money on these services, could cost over $500. Why not save your money by learning the basics of self-care? It’ll make you and your pockets happier.

Automate Your Savings

Most banks offer the option of automatically transferring money between your checking and saving accounts.

This method of saving money allows you to set up the amount of money to save. You can save it when you want to save it, and which account you’d prefer.

Make Your Lunch for Work

Buying food every day for lunch is a big waste of money.

If you believe in your heart that buying lunch every day isn’t a waste of money, grab a few of your lunch receipts and calculate the total amount spent.

That enlightenment will blow your mind.

If you feel like taking to lunch to work every day is too much of a hassle, start prepping your meals ahead of time.

Prepping your lunches will save you loads of money and you'll notice the monetary changes quickly.

Budget Your Money

Living on a budget can teach you how to live within your means, without feeling awful.

Did you know if you get paid bi-weekly and wanted to save at least $5,000 all you’d need to do is save at least $385 thirteen times.

That’s every other pay, for 13 of your 26 paydays to reach a savings goal of $5000.

Wow, that is amazing.

But you would never know the benefits of saving money without budgeting your money.

Instead of living paycheck to paycheck, budget your income and grow your savings.

Easily Save Money By Trying These Ideas

There are many to begin saving money as a money-saving newbie.

  • Expense Waste
  • 52-Week Challenge
  • Creative Gifts
  • Buying Used Items
  • Caring for Yourself
  • Automating Your Savings
  • Making Your Lunch for Work
  • Budgeting Your Money

Take the path to increase your savings step-by-step.

You can do it!

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