3-Step Pomodoro Planning Process for Busy Moms

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The Pomodoro Planning Method for busy moms offers an easy way to carefully, yet quickly, plan your tasks.

Pomodoro Planning helps you get tasks done and take appropiate breaks as needed.

Now, more than ever, it has become vital for working moms with kids at home to stay focused on tasks at hand.

That’s pretty hard to do with a time management system in place.

How many times have you sat down and created an awesome To Do List? While writing down items on your list, you felt motivated to finish each task.

However, your To Do List quickly morphed into your Not To Do List once the rest of the day kicked in.

Where did all that motivation go. and why have you only completed two of the five or more items on your list?

Maybe you’re the type to create an amazling Google Task List, even syncing with your productivity.

That’s great!

Yet, when you get the notification reminding you to do the task, you have absolutely no motivation to do it.

Don’t get offended; don’t be ashamed by the fact you aren’t the best at creating a realistic To Do List or following through with the one you’ve got.

You simply didn’t know you weren’t good at it. Disorganization and lack of productiveness, coupled with frustration are fixable.

Pomodoro Planning for busy moms is a great way to get yourself back on track with completing appropriate tasks.

Instead of stretching yourself so thin until you have no time to properly rest, or handle your family matters, I’m showing you what it takes to precisely plan with the Pomodoro Technique.

What causes procrastination?

There are many reasons why people tend to procrastinate. However, single moms and furthermore busy moms, seem to circle back to these four main problems.

Low energy levels, lack of focus, intended perfectionism, and a fear of failing.

Low energy levels

It’s understandable to be tired from a day of work. Your work day ends and the rest of your day begins. There’s a laundry list of things to do at home — the last thing you want to do is sit down and complete a planner.

But you should and here’s the thing.

You can’t because your excuse is that you have no energy. And you may very well be tired because of your hectic day, an unhealthy diet, lack of proper sleep, etc…

When you have low energy levels it’s best to figure out what’s causing it. This way you can try to fix it.

Lack of focus

When you fail to create goals, you can lack focus. Or if you are trying to split your focus by multi-tasking, it could backfire.

Causing you to start a lot of projects, without completion.

Great thing about using the Pomodoro Method is that it’s core idea is to have you hyper-focus on one thing.

With the Pomodoro Method Planning Tool, you’ll be able to set realistic goals, that are customizable to fit your lifestyle.

Doing so will give you the goals to encourage action instead of inaction.

Intended Perfectionism

Intended perfectionism is scary because it can cause you to become an obsessively perfectionist. This in turn will cause you to ultimately do nothing.

FYI, intended perfectionism caused me to launch my blog months after I created it.

What! That doesn’t seem right.

Isn’t the point of perfection to be PERFECT? And you can’t be perfect if you’ve done NOTHING!

"Perfectionism, in psychology, is a personality trait characterized by a person’s striving for flawlessness and setting high performance standards, accompanied by critical self-evaluations and concerns regarding others’ evaluations." – Wikipedia

I am not in any way saying that you shouldn’t want to make high achievements or be the best in anything.

But when your intended perfectionism cause stress, it’s not benefiting you at all.

The way the Pomodoro Planning Tool can help with your intended perfectionism is to create realistic Tasks and Sessions.

Initially, you may assume that it takes one Pomodoro Session to finish a specific task. However, upon actual completion, you may find that it took three Pomodoro Sessions.

Fear of failure

I believe the fear of failure is one of the main reasons people procrastinate. I can attest to this myself.

If you fear the consequences of failing, then you’ll most likely have a disinclination to take action. When you’re afraid of failing at something, it’s best not to start it at all.

This way you can’t fail at something you don’t start. With a Planning Tool, you’ll be able to combat your fear of failure. It’ll allow you to plan for tasks big and small, and you can move at your own pace.

Yes, the recommended time block for each Pomodor Session is 25-minutes. However, the Pomodoro Technique is not so rigid as to say you MUST stick to the 25-minute rule.

If 25-minute Sessions aren’t working for you, change it until it does.

Using the Pomodoro Method Planning Tool will help you:

  • Break procrastination habits and get started on tasks
  • Understand how you are spending your time daily
  • Learn the times of day when you are most productive
  • Evaluate the times of day when you struggle with productivity
  • Determine whether associated tasks need to change

3-Step Process Pomodoro Method Planning Tool

  1. Get rid of distractions (10 minutes)There are many time management apps, including those used as a Pomodoro Timer.
    However, if you have poor productivity skills, using your cell phone as a timer could provide an unnecessary distraction; even if it is supposed to be for timing purposes only.

    If you are using the Pomodoro method while completing tasks at home, and your children are present, set your boundaries. Of course don’t ignore your kids in an emergency.
    But they should know that for X amount of time, Mommy needs to get Y done.

    Turn off your television, silence your cell phone, and make sure your area is clutter free.

    If you are using the Pomodoro method while at work, you’ll need to adjust your distraction free zone to adhere to your office SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures).

    It’s perfectly fine to let your coworkers know that you’ll be unavailable for X amount of time to complete a project.
    You can also set an “Away Message” on your email or company instant message system.

    Basically, figure out a way to let coworkers know you don't want to be disturbed. But keep in mind, that if you have an emergency at work, you’ll need to pause the Pomodoro, until you can come back to it. I would recommend that you notate when these “disturbances” occur, because it could help when planning your Pomodoro sessions at work.
  2. Gather your Pomodoro materials (5 minutes)
    It’s better to have everything in front of you before you start. you’ll want to have your Pomodoro Planning Tool, pen and pencil, and Pomodoro Timer.
  3. Plan your Pomodoro Tasks and Sessions (15-25 minutes)This is the last step before you get into the actual Pomodoro Technique.

Write your tasks–
Keep in mind each square represents 15-25 minute Pomodoro Sessions.

Work in the AM or PM.
Try to complete tasks during both to gauge when you are most productive; even if you believe you already know the answer.

This may not work for everyone, but if you’re able to try working in the AM and PM, do it. If you finish a task before the timer is up, write down the actaul time of completion.

This helps you to accurately adjust times when pomodoro planning.

The great thing about the Pomodoro Technique is that it is adjustable to fit your individual needs.
You can easily follow the basics of the Pomodoro Technique without compromising your productivity.

Pomodoro Planning for Busy Moms Quick Tips

Pomodoro Batching

Pomodoro Batching is something I’d highly recommend if you have tasks in similar categories.
This will save you time when planning for tasks that day.

For example: If I need to respond to some emails, clean up a folder on my Google Drive, and update my passwords, I’d create a Task called Online Projects, AM – 1 Session.

Avoid distractions while working online

In keeping with being as realistic as possible when discussing the pomo planning for busy moms, it’s fair to acknowledge that some tasks will take place online.

And if it’s not online, you still may need to use your computer to successfully complete some tasks.

The example I gave above pairs with these suggestions as well.

Batching will be your best friend when it comes to being productive with completing tasks that require some online or computer activity.

Make sure you stick to your time blocks and breaks when tasks like these occur.

If you are easily distracted by online activity, you’ll have to work harder at training your brain to focus on the task-at-hand.

Got those emails promising 50% off of something — don’t be swayed.

Keep in mind that if it doesn’t serve the purpose of completing your goal, it isn’t worth the time you’re wasting.

In Conclusion

Planning with the Pomodoro Method gives you the direction and purpose you need to stay focused throughout the day.

Additionally, it has the added bonus of instilling a sense of achievement as you mark off your Pomodoro Sessions.

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