8 Simple Time Management Strategies To Increase Productivity

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Time management strategies are simple ways to keep your life organized. This post is all about time management strategies.

While you aren’t able to plan for every single thing life throws your way, you can plan for the things you have control of.

There is a saying, “There aren’t enough hours in a day,” and for a lot of busy people, this is valid.

At times it may feel like you aren’t able to manage your time more efficiently.

And really, you’re probably not. Time swiftly flies when you’re trying to get things done.

In order to be successful in any aspect of your life, you must create effective time management strategies.

And you have to be present and efficient with managing your time by staying on course with those strategies.

If not, time will simply slip away.

Managing your time efficiently by creating time management strategies is easier said than done. We are a generation that is hardwired for distraction. 

With all of our senses in play, it’s hard to keep from being pulled away from our focus.

Every distracting thing like new music releases, must-have clothing sales, birds singing their morning songs in your window, your tummy growling, and those funny cat videos are all right at the tips of your fingers.

It’s so intriguing but by the time you finish satisfying all of your distractions, you’ve missed an entire day of productivity.

And that doesn’t benefit you or your family when it comes to getting things done.

Make a To-Do List 

While this may seem like an obvious step to take at managing your time more efficiently, many people don’t make time to make to-do lists. Why not?

Because it takes time. Sometimes we spend more time being unorganized tan getting ourselves organized.

But that’s not you because obviously you’ve recognized that you need to change some things up to become more productive.

You cannot deny that lists don’t help in keeping things organized. Think about when going grocery shopping.

Without that grocery list, you are bound to buy the entire cleaning supply aisle, when all you really needed was laundry detergent.

What a waste, right.

Now, you’re leaving the grocery store with stuff you didn’t need and an empty wallet. All because you didn’t take a few minutes to make a shopping list.

Don’t be that mom and start making your to-do list today.

Prioritize Your To-Do List

Having a to-do list is great. However, having a lengthy to-do list and not figuring out what needs to go where isn’t helpful.

Figure out your priorities by going through your to-do list, and get them straight. You can start with a numbered list with your most important task being #1.

Then, you’ll work your way through until you have a better understanding of how you should prioritize your time.

Set Realistic Time Limits and Be Firm About Sticking to Them

When learning to manage your time more efficiently, it is good to place time limits on each task.

Not only is this helpful but you should make sure that the time limits are realistic.

If you have an essay to write and you set yourself on a 45 minute time limit, but realistically you know you need 1.5 hours, you’ve defeated the purpose.

You’ll only rush through your essay just to get it done, and on to the next task.

Then, if the feedback on the essay isn’t what you feel like it  should be, you’ll ultimately blame the To-Do List, saying that it doesn’t work.

You have to be realistic to learn how to properly manage your time.

Establish Short-term & Long-term Goals and Be Sure to Self-Reflect

This is the longer term way of managing your time more efficiently. But it helps to look at your priorities in a shorter span as well.

Setting goals is a must because it gives you something to work toward.

If you set your goals correctly, you’ll be able to go back and reflect upon what worked and didn’t work, in terms of getting your goals met.

Long term, this really helps you to see where you are spending your time needlessly and how that wastefulness is contributing to your lack of productivity.

It also helps you to see what is working and what you could spend more time on to meet your goals.

Master How to Say No

Some people have a huge problem with saying no to people when asked for help. They feel like it’s rude and inconvenient to others to decline anything.

But if you spend your life saying yes to others, how will you possibly be able to take care of yourself and your family.

Eventually, you won’t be able to do it and you may start to resent others just because.

It’s great to help others in need but you will need to learn how to look at your schedule and figure out if what you’re being asked to do is beyond what you can do.

Don’t overextend yourself to make someone else comfortable.

Disconnect to Self-Connect

You’ve heard the term “unplug” before but have you done it? You’ve probably tried but it didn’t last long.

How many times have you gone on a Google search to look for a bread recipe, only to find yourself hours deep into YouTube videos.

Then, you wonder, how did you waste three hours watching YouTube videos.

Yes, you were probably very entertained and had some good laughs, but you wasted three hours being unproductive.

Getting sucked into the wonderful world-wide web is a major no-no when trying to manage your time efficiently.

Minimize distractions and focus on whatever work needs to get done.

This includes watching television, talking on your phone, watching videos on your phone, social media (including the occasional glance to see what your friend from elementary is up to), your kids, and anything else that would cause you to avoid being productive.

Enlist the Help of Others

This is just one perk of being a Mommy. You always have extra hands to help. If there are things that need to be done around the house, assign some things to your kids.

It’s completely fine for children to help out, especially if you are swamped with bigger mommy duties.

And children of almost all ages can be helpful.

Don’t overlook your five-year old because you think they are too young. Give them something small to help with.

I bet your little one will get a kick out of helping Mommy.

Make Time for Yourself

Make time to care for yourself or else you will quickly burnout.

Allowing yourself proper rest and relaxation periods will give your body the ability to work more efficiently when actually working.

Plus, I find that when I’m not 100% focused on something, that’s when ideas come to me. Sometimes it helps to take a step back from what you’re doing to see where you need to be.

In Summary

This article is all about time management strategies. Using the time strategies in this post, you will improve your productivity and gain back time in your day.

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