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Okay, I’m gonna roll it back to the days when none of us cared about productivity. Maybe as students we cared a little bit but not like how we prioritize it as moms.

So, I’m 16 — no younger — like 12ish and the biggest thing I did back then was journal.

I wrote stories too but journaling was my thing. Whenever I completed my daily journal I felt as if I had summed up my entire day…completeness.

So, the first thing I want to discuss about having a productive Sunday is journaling.

Record a journal entry; review previous entries

Journaling helps you sort out what’s happening in your head when you don’t need someone else’s input.

At times, I would journal twice a day or whenever I felt like there was something I needed to work through.

Starting a daily journal is great because on Sundays you can review your feelings, thoughts, and anything that happened throughout the week.

Journaling helps with self-reflection.

For instance, journaling while in a failing relationship can help you plan an exit strategy without feeling pressure from family and friends.

Keeping a journal helps document the good and bad times; giving you stuff to look back on.

It’s a great way to pinpoint times that show progression or otherwise.

Sometimes I look back on a journal entry from five years ago and I have a feeling like Ah, that’s what I was feeling then.

It’s eye-opening.

Check out your list of things not completed

Moms all have that one list of things we want to do but just haven’t.


I don’t know — that list just seems to get neglected on a regular. Break the cycle of not accomplishing task and revisit your to do list for tasks left undone.

Between your journal entries and your to do list, you should be able to conclude why things weren’t completed.

Maybe you lost motivation because you had a terrible day at work. Maybe your kids pulled your focus towards something more important.

Possibly, you’re not managing your time good.

Look below.

Let’s go through the following bullet points and determine what can be delayed, removed, or addressed immediately. 

Remember, we are looking at our list on a Sunday.

  • Get money for son’s trip (trip is tomorrow) – addressed immediately
  • Pay utility bill due on Tuesday – delayed 1 day
  • Place order with Peapod for Monday delivery – addressed immediately
  • Put gas in the car – addressed immediately
  • Pick up Cheetos from the market – removed
  • Don’t forget friend’s birthday card for Thursday – delayed
  • Pick up toilet paper from the market (down to one pack), chicken breasts, broccoli, kale, eggs… – removed

The bolded items cannot be delayed.

Non-bold tasks can be delayed.

Italicized tasks can be removed and outsourced. The example I used for toilet paper showed that I had a task listed that didn’t need to be listed necessarily.

If I’m getting a Peapod order delivered, I can simply place those items in my order. Done and done.

Putting gas in the car can be done when I go out to get money for my sons’ school trip.

Check the family calendar

Image by author

Running a productive home really takes the help of the entire family. One way to keep your family running productively is to keep a family calendar.

I like to use Google Calendar; other calendar systems don’t really do it for us. To prevent missing an event or something else important, check in with the family calendar on Sundays.

This way you’ll figure out what needs to be rescheduled, removed, and followed up on.

Check your business calendar

If you’re like me and run an online business, checking your business calendar is imperative with the smooth operation of your work.

This is especially important when you’re running your online business as a solo mompreneur. I like to review my editorial calendar on Sunday mornings so my eyes are fresh and my mind is clear.

Take the opportunity to go through your calendar and see what upcoming projects or tasks need to be addressed in the following week.

Outsource tasks

Outsourcing, delegating, assigning, etc…all of these words mean the same thing — handing over tasks you usually do, to someone else.

As much as we’d like to believe in our superpowers as moms, we are puny humans. There are some tasks we don’t really have to do all the time but we’re used to doing them.

Delegate these tasks to your kids (age appropriate tasks of course). Hire a service if you can afford to do so.

The fact that Amazon has a whole service that you can scroll through and hire someone to clean your home or assemble something is amazing.

Like how did I miss Amazon services— why didn’t I know about this?

Anyway, things like laundry services, home cleaning, grass cutting, organization, etc…are all services that people provide for a fee.

Purchasing those services will save you time; giving you more time to do something else.

Before you protest how you cannot afford to pay for services, rethink your position on it.

I thought the same thing until I started researching costs of cleaning services, for example.

Looking at my budget, I realized I COULD afford to have someone regularly come into my home and help me with stuff.

Those times were a lifesaver for me because it gave me room in my schedule to work on other needed tasks.

Plan meals for the week

Make the most of your Sunday by prepping your meals for the upcoming week.

If you want to take it a bit further and batch cook your meals, here’s a few recipes to get you started.

I’m sure you don’t want to spend your entire Sunday cooking. Cooking doesn’t need to feel like work so jazz it up.

Turn on some music, and flow through some amazing recipes. 

Grocery shop online

Shopping for groceries online is amazing! Switching from in-store to online grocery delivery has been one of the best time-saving hacks for my family.

You can buy anything online now but I was a little skeptical when I first heard of the concept of buying food online.

I started out small with just a few things, here and there, from my favorite supermarket.

Then, I was hooked.

Before I started working from home, my commute was horrendous. To add a trip to the supermarket to my already long commute was frustrating, but I had to do it.

Not anymore…I rarely shop in stores anymore. Avoiding the irritation of in-store shopping on a Sunday can positively increase your mood on Monday morning.

Have a lazy sessh’

Relaxing your mind goes a long way in getting things done. When I feel the need to chill out, I watch something funny.

One Sunday, I realized I could semi-chill while folding laundry (I really don’t enjoy folding laundry).

Folding laundry while watching your favortie show can kaiw it easier to finish.

I’d suggest setting a timer for approximately 20-30 minutes, and then move on to something else. You don’t want to waste a while day binge watching shows.

Clean house

A way to make this a family affair is to include your kids with cleaning the house. Sprucing up your home on Sundays can save so much time during the week.

This is a good way to keep the mess under control when you know you’ll be busy during the week. 

Turn on some energetic music and get to moving. 30-60 minutes should be enough time to clean your home.

Of course, if you need a little more time, allow yourself that wiggle room.

Revise your tasks list

I’ve found Google Tasks is really helpful because I can create alerts all within one system.

Now that you’ve gotten some things out of the way while still enjoying your Sunday, you can take a few minutes to create a To Do List that won’t be forgotten.

You’re not at sitting at your desk worrying about getting off of work, so you will feel less pressure to look busy while counting the minutes on the clock til quitting time. 

Good luck.

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