The Sense of Being Terrified in Your Own Home

Elle Scott

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It's after midnight and someone decided to play at my door. Now, I can't sleep. My day didn't start like this. I had a good day, did some work, and finished up some assignments.

I was tired but decided to exercise. In the midst of my working out, someone knocked at my door.

At first, I didn't pay much attention because it was late and I figured it was someone else's home. As I was contemplating my sense of sound, another knock came with the guy yelling "Detective".

I was tired but not sleepy because I'd gotten into my workout but my alertness was at an all-time high. In no way was a detective at my door, after midnight nonetheless, yelling "Detective".

I used one phone to call my parents because at this point I wasn't scared, just concerned that someone was at my door this time of night and a male. I knew he wasn't there for me or anyone else and I thought maybe he had the wrong house.

He'd go away once he didn't get a response...right?


The more he banged, the more afraid I became. This was absolutely ridiculous.

The guy wasn't leaving and my plan to finish my nighttime workout was ruined. My Mom wasn't hesitating to call the cops but I wanted her to wait to see if the person would leave.

I didn't want to overreact.

Now that I'm writing this I'd love to go back and shake some sense into myself. But I was afraid and instead of me hurrying to call the cops, I wanted to wait and see.

That was unexpected.

Good thing I was on the phone with my parents because they didn't care one bit about me wanting to wait and see. They called the police and during their call to the police and the guy banging at my door, my feared SPIKED. I dialed the Emergency Services so fast.

The scariest part was that this went on for a while. When the officer came out the first time, he said he hadn't seen anyone, which was scary.

Then, when the officer left, the knocking continued, and I was terrified.

Again, the officer returned to my home with another officer. They checked the area of my home but said it was likely someone pranking me and to call again if the person returned.

At 1 a.m. pranking isn't funny. And it's extremely cold and windy so someone had to put a lot of thought into that "prank".

Eventually, the banging stopped and I haven't slept.

I'm continuing with my day trying to get through my work assignments without being nervous. While this isn't a new thought to me, I've been reminded of how unhinged people can be and how I can't take life for granted.

The fact that I wasn't physically harmed -- I'm thankful. Not knowing who the person was or why this happened is mind-boggling. It's scary to know someone could be watching my home waiting for me to be vulnerable, or someone thought it was funny to scare the crap out of me in the middle of the night.

This has all reminded me that it doesn't matter where you live or how you live because some people are just bad.

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