3 Ways to End a Toxic Relationship

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Toxic relationships aren't fun. Some people live their entire lives moving from one toxic relationship to the next.

But you don't want to be THAT person.

Living that sort of life, worrying about what your toxic partner is going to do next is no way to live. You only get one life to do things right or at least try to do right.

Being with a toxic partner isn't good.

I've seen plenty of relationships where I wondered how the people stayed together for so long. But it was because they were used to being in a bad relationship. They didn't see anything wrong with how toxic the relationship appeared to others.

However, if you are in a toxic relationship and you want to get out of it and don't know how to end things, here are 3 ideas that could work for you.


Ghosting has such a bad reputation and for good reason. It sucks to be ghosted.

Yet, there are times when ghosting comes in hand. I hate to admit to this but I've indeed ghosted a toxic person before. I'm no fan of ghosting people for the sake of being rude. I'm more of an upfront person and if I want out, I'll say so.

But this guy wasn't taking no for an answer and he was a nuisance. He would send me text messages throughout my workday, back to back, even after I explicitly told him I was busy or to stop sending messages.

He'd send vulgar texts messages and constantly try to video chat at times when he knew I was unavailable.

He tried being manipulative which didn't work because he annoyed me, so feeling sorry for him wasn't an option. But what bothered me most is that he wouldn't go away.

There's a block option on my phone but I wasn't about to allow someone to force me to go to that extent. Sounds weird but it's how I felt at the time.

The guy was straight-up disrespectful and he oozed toxicity.

After attempting to "end things" with grace, I ghosted him. I completely disappeared from his life. He was unable to get in contact with me and I was at peace.

Ghosting is hurtful and shouldn't be used as a usual way of ending things with someone, but sometimes you have to escape a person and ghosting is the only way to do it.

In Public (Face to Face)

Please use your judgment when using this option to break up with a toxic person. There are different levels to a toxic relationship/person, so you make the call.

Sometimes breaking up with a person face to face is best when dealing with a toxic person. However, some toxic people feed on the fact that it's just you and them alone that fuels their toxic behavior.

Catch them out in public and break ties with them. You may even want to have a helpful friend nearby if things don't go as planned. But ending your toxic relationship in public could be the best, safest way of ending things.

Through the Law

Sometimes a toxic relationship's problems are serious and you can't end things without some sort of intervention from the law.

If you have tried ending things peacefully and it isn't working, your next attempt should be through the law. You may think that contacting law enforcement or filing a peace order is going too far, but your safety should be the priority.

Once you've ended your relationship with a toxic partner, take a break from dating to figure out things for yourself. Doing so will help you avoid falling into another toxic relationship.

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