One Thing I Did to Chill Myself Out

Elle Scott

Recently, I found myself irritated. Anything and everything bothered and I didn't know why. I hadn't stopped to reflect.

After some time, I realized my workload had tripled and I was not pleased. But, I didn't want something like work to ruin my entire day so I decided to fix myself and my attitude.

I took some time out of my day to organize everything.

This was it! This was the reason I was off my game. I was organized but I wasn't ORGANIZED. My calendar was filled with all my tasks and meetings (too many) but I hadn't touched it in a while.

The problem was since I last updated my calendar, more "stuff" had been added to my workday. I work better when I have a strategy in place and with the added duties, tasks, and meetings my strategy was out of whack.

Being out of sorts causes me to have an attitude. I know this about myself and I'm working on it.

Sifting through my calendars revealed to me that:

1. I've got a lot of stuff to do in a day

2. There's enough time in my day to get it all done (most of the time)

I went through my calendars and removed any tasks that were no longer relevant or had moved to someone else. After making the purge, I went through the items left and looked at any reports that were scheduled, project due dates, and any other items to make sure I wasn't falling behind, or forgetting anything.

Our team works on a specific project all year which seems to take up 90% of our days but we also receive other work requests often. Not to mention, the requests given to us by our Manager.

Then, I worked my way through my Google Tasks because most of the items listed there are things that I'd love to get done but aren't a priority. These included automating tasks to make my day go smoother.

The items weren't urgent but I still prioritized them so they wouldn't get left behind.

Moving on from my calendars, I went into my Google Drive and decided it needed a serious overhaul. I've noticed a few times when I search for certain reports or documents in my Drive, it doesn't show immediately. I have to do a whole deep dive into my Drive to find one document and that's time-consuming.

Have you experienced this? Leave a comment if you've experienced this.

I created Workspaces for reports and documents I used often. This was great for me because I could open up a script without wasting a bunch of time searching for it.

I organized my email folders too.

Emails are being sent to my inbox as I write this and there isn't much I can do about that. But I can, at least, filter what I immediately see and what I can get around to later.

When my job went virtual, my emails tripled. My belief is that people were sending emails out of boredom.

My inbox was insane.

No one talked to me that much at work but my inbox was POPPING.

My work emails are different from my emails because I can't control what comes into my work inbox if it's work-related. Yet, setting up folders and filtering emails saved me the hassle of seeing thousands of emails in my inbox.

After organizing my work tasks and tools better, my anxiety, and dare I say -- stress, subsided. At least I know now that chaos isn't good for my sanity.

Go figure!

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