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A few days prior to December 17th, I commented to some friends how excited I was for the new Sweet Home K-drama releasing on Netflix.

December 17th came and I was so busy with work, I almost missed the premiere.

Fear not, I caught myself in-time to binge the entire 10-episode drama and oh my gosh, it was worth it.

Sometimes with adaptations, production misses the marks and the tv-series version is different from the non-cinematic source.

That’s a sore point for fans and can cause a series to flop.

Usually it's the casting that gets me excited for a drama premiere and Sweet Home did not disappoint.

The Cast

Seo Yi-kyung, played by Lee Si-young, is seen as a physically strong woman who has experienced loss.

She's also a firefighter.

Her entrance on-screen doesn’t even scratch the surface of what her character is capable of.

There isn’t any other actress I could imagine taking on this role.

Lee Si-young made this character hers.

Cha Hyun-su, played by Song Kang, has experienced a huge loss and is dealing with heavy grief at the start of the series.

The casting of Song kang was perfect.

There’s something about watching a remake of something and watching a mismatched casting.

That can tank a production and luckily Sweet Home got it right.

Pyeon Sang-wook, played by Lee Jin-wook is a veteran actor who beautifully captured the nuisances of his character.

Even with the differences between the manhwa and k-drama, it didn’t have a negative impact on the character.

If anything, I’d say it made his character a little more relatable.

Lee Eun-hyeok, played by Lee Do-hyun, was an interesting choice for this role and I say that as a compliment.

I’ve watched everything Lee Do-hyun has acted in and it’s hard to believe that he is still a newish actor.

He has some great series under his belt, like Prison Playbook, Hotel Del Luna, and 18 Again.

His acting range is broad and I look forward to his next drama, Youth of May, also starring Go Min-si.

Lee Eun-yu, played by Go Min-si, is the unlovable sister of Lee Eun-hyeok.

She’s the type of character you’d love to hate.

Even with the differences between the drama and manhwa, it doesn't stunt the flow of the series.

Jung Ui-myeong, played by Kim Sung-cheol, who enters the drama in a later episode.

However, the moment he stepped on-screen I knew he was going to be a show-stopper.

He surpassed my expectation and I can’t wait until next season.

As much as I’d love to mention the entire cast, I can’t.

But let me do a quick run down of some of the actors because Sweet Home included some heavy hitters in the industry.

Kim Nam-hee, Park Gyu-young, Kim Kap-soo, Kim Sang Ho, Lee Bong-ryun, Jeong Ha-dam, Woo Hyeon, and Kim Hyun are just a few of the actors who brought Sweet Home to life.

I’d recommend taking a look at the cast of Sweet Home and following up on their previous dramas.

The Synopsis

Cha Hyun-su is a teen. I believe he was nineteen years old.

He’s a hermit who enjoys his bedroom, a lot.

His relationship with his family isn’t great and he doesn’t really care about spending time with them.

While traveling, his mom, dad, and sister are killed in a car accident.

Woith no other family willing to take him in, Cha Hyun-su is alone.

Cha Hyun-su moves out of his family home and into a small apartment located in Green Home Mansion Apartments.

He wants to be left alone.

In the meantime, something weird is happening in the world.

Humans are turning into monsters and the cause seems to be unknown.

The residents of the apartment building fight for survival against the monsters.

Sweet Home Is Relatable

If you’re like me, you enjoy watching tv shows to escape into a different world.

However, there are times when a tv drama hits on points you didn’t know existed, and you have to take a second to process what you watched.


Grief is inescapable.

Having watched Korean dramas since I was a child, I am well-aware of the norms within the k-dramaland.

I’m looking at you Mr. White Truck of Death.

When the webtoon first published, I felt the uniqueness of Sweet Home.

The deaths of his family members weren’t done simply to shock the readers.

It was a meaningful entry into Cha Hyun-su’s evolution.

Mental Health

The entrance of Im Myung-sook, played by Lee Bong-ryun as the doting mommy temporarily pulls at the heart strings until…

Those heart strings are quickly snipped to pieces with garden shears.

The grief over losing her child is the driving factor of Im Myung-sook’s mental illness and it isn’t until a few episodes in that she breaks out of her mental fog.

I also suspect Lee Eun-yu was dealing with some form of depression and the anger she had towards her brother wasn’t revealed until too late, in my opinion.

Of course, I can’t forget about Cha Hyun-su who’s entire character was formed from one fateful gesture of goodwill.

He only wanted to befriend his new classmate, Kim Do-hun, but was met with bullying.

Not only was he bullied but his parents knew about it and chose to do nothing because of his dad’s position at work.

This type of trauma can cause anyone to withdraw and it’ something that happens all too often in the real world.


You don’t always like your family and sometimes you might even question why you still bother with them; but you only get one.

The scene where Cha Hyun-su overheard his family members degrading and even refusing any relation to him was hard to see, because it was realistic.

Everyone has that one person in their family who they refuse to claim, or you might be that person.

It sucks either way.

Your family knows you best.

Therefore, they know what hurts you the most and even if it’s not intentional their words can cause hurt feelings; as depicted in Sweet home.

Jung Ui-myeong

We’d all love to believe we’d be righteous like Kim Nam-hee or Lee Si-young; fighting the good fight.

In reality, none of us knows how we’d really act if an apocalyptic type of event were to happen.

Think about it this way, an apocalyptic event happens and you’re given a huge advantage to survive (meaning you’re likely on the winning side), what would you do?

Yes, there are some of us that would fight the good fight and try to save humanity.

There are others that would choose to give in to their newly found powers and fight to become stronger.

And actually, wouldn’t both sides believe they are fighting the good fight and doing what’s needed to survive?

Sound oddly realistic...a little too realistic.

At one point, I found myself hoping Cha Hyun-su would willingly go with Ui-myeong and live his best life.


Humans desire things.

It’s completely natural, even when we try to deny the fact.

Sometimes we don’t even know or understand our own desires until they manifest into something else.

I believe for the people who were watching Sweet Home purely for entertainment had a light-bulb moment once the reason behind the monsters were revealed.

For me, that’s when Sweet Home took on a more humanistic approach.

For a few seconds I paused and really had to think about what turning into a monster actually meant.

Because -- Humans

One of the things I enjoyed about Sweet Home is that humans turned into what they desired.

Once the desire had taken over a person, they became what they desired, and that totally made sense.

I appreciated that detail.

How many times has something you desired taken over your life to the point you felt smothered by it?

While in real life we don’t turn into monsters as seen on Sweet Home, but we do turn into something unrecognizable when we allow our desires to control every aspect of our lives.

As depicted in Sweet Home, a lack of control over our desires can happen consciously or subconsciously.

Sweet Home is a Must-See Korean Drama

Sweet Home is currently ranked #9 in the U.S.

Social media platforms are buzzing about how good this drama is so it would be a disservice to yourself not to watch it.

Not really a follower type of person.

I get it; I’m like that too.

Sweet Home is a global hit for Netflix because the drama hits home to everyone.

If you’re a human, you will feel something when watching the drama.

It’s isn’t perfect and there will be moments when you’re probably going to wonder why.

Despite that, Sweet Home isn’t just another superficial horror tv series.

When you realize that, oh, this isn’t a simple infection, the series starts to take hold of your mind a little different.

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