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If you see a house on fire, what's the first thing you do? Typical answer is to call 9-1-1, see if there's anyone in there; try to save them. Truthfully, what would you do? There are several houses on fire and no one's helping put them out or even seeing if there's anyone who needs help. Why is no one doing anything? When something is on fire, the first thing you'll notice is the smoke; followed by a dark cloud, and finally fire. So why don't we do something before the fire starts? The smell of fire and the sign of smoke should be the signal that there is a problem. Often, small misunderstandings and issues are unhandled; grow into bigger issues because no one noticed or cared. It gets hard to ignore persistent problems and at some point it becomes ignorance. Black and gray clouds appear, the issues can get ignored, but at this point it's very much more visible. There are several affirmative action plans, and steps we as people can take before issues escalate and get out of control, much like fires. Hot, uncontrollable, burning, and destroying anything in its way. Once these things hit social media and the news, it are two things that may take place. Worldwide scrutiny and the help you need; or Worldwide scrutiny and shame for not doing something when you could have.

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Why let a fire keep burning when you have the means to put it out? It amazes me how desensitized we are as a people to not care. We see things happen and things going on and we're unsympathetic about it. Where is humanity, that only so many people seem to care and continue to fight and advocate for the unheard? Some are not enough; when are we going to pay attention? It costs nothing to care, shed light on those lesser, and be the change we want to see. To complain about doing something and not doing anything makes no sense. Stop talking about it and be about it. I for one know that global warming and climate change is an issue that a lot of the world seems to ignore. We don't have another planet to go to and we're slowly running out of time to fix it, if we haven't already. Depression and suicide rates have increased in the past five years. We are on the brink of financial and economic ruin; these are the things that go unnoticed. Seems as if no one wants to have these honest conversations or we're too afraid to deal with them, but unnoticed problems only become worse. When will we start the conversation about change and implement it?

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