My Granny ended up allowing me helps in her cooking.

The last time my granny visited, the following day, she wanted freshly produce foodstuffs. She sent me and my siblings to Food For Less food stores. We were even thinking of going to one of the farming markets in town but my grandma directed us to Food For Less store to get fresh meats and fruits and we did.

Food items here are affordable and I wonder how my grandma found out about this place. When we got home and we're about to start preparing the meal for her, before we know it, she was already in the kitchen removing the stuff we bought and trying to make her meal. We offered to help but she insisted on doing it herself.

Well, I enjoyed watching her exercise herself. While she cooked, I was with her. She didn't stop telling me how fresh farm produce is healthier to the body than packaged food items from faraway.

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