Have you gone hiking without actually hiking before?

Would you prefer hiking with sneakers or hiking boots? I was considering getting hiking booths probably because I wasn't feeling like hiking again.

So a colleague at work stopped by my place to take me to Runyon Canyon Park in the afternoon. We got there late because I delayed him. It wasn’t part of my plan to be at Runyon Canyon that afternoon but I promised I would go with him anytime.

We couldn’t find a parking space on time until after 25 minutes of driving around. At this moment, hiking was no longer on my mind. Some guy was telling us sneakers aren't so bad but the hiking boot is perfect. What a great excuse not to hike because I was putting on white sneakers.

So I stood there watching people from distance and slowly climbing some high spots to properly enjoy views from all angles. Well, my colleague enjoyed his hiking, good for him.

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