Fun Ways to Keep Parenting Fun While Staying at Home

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The outbreak of the covid pandemic made the lives all around the pass through a speed breaker. Due to social distancing to prevent disease transmission, all educational institutions and colleges were closed. All the family members had to be in a lockdown within the same house and it created one hell of an issue for parents. Apart from mass death and economic crippling, one of the major issues covid-19 created for the domestic lives was the lockdown. It has been very stressful for parents to maintain a peaceful and healthy environment in their homes while everything outside is closed. In this article, we will guide you on how to make the tedious job of parenting in lockdown fun and entertaining for both parents and children.

Celebrate special days:

The worst thing about the lockdown and staying in homes during the pandemic is monotony. Repeating the same routine day after day without doing anything exciting. The flatness and dullness of routine cause a person to become irritable and get annoyed by every little thing. This gets worse when surrounded by all family members. To avoid such tantrums, celebrate special days. You can make any day special for others by giving it a special name. Like every Thursday is pancakes day and everyone in the house will eat pancakes. Every Saturday is a movie day and one kid will choose the movie that day. By celebrating little special things, the morale of the family will stay high and it will keep the kids excited and avoid monotony.

Reward kids for doing chores:

Another tiring and never-ending aspect of the lockdown with family is the number of chores the parents, especially the mother, have to do. The house is always messy, the pantry is always filled with dishes, and clothes are lying here and there. To engage your children in chores, you can create a rewarding system. Give certain points to the children for each chore and by the end of the week, the child having the most points will be the winner. You can give cash to children based on these points and teach them about saving while you’re at it. This will motivate the children to help you with household work.

Indoor games:

During the Covid-19 lockdown, all the parks, malls, and public places are closed. Children cannot go to school either. They are locked inside the home and have no physical and mental activity apart from the online school. To keep the kids entertained and engaged with family, play indoor games with them. These games will not entertain the kids but will also help the family members to get closer to each other. Several indoor games can be played with family-like scrabble, Pictionary, scavenger hunt, carrom, ludo, etc. this parenting hack has been proving quite useful for decades when children had to stay home on summer vacations.

Build stuff together:

Another important activity that parents can perform with kids during lockdown is by building small things together. For example, you can rebuild the dog house with your children. It is an easy job and very playful for the children. If you have a big backyard, you can also try to build a treehouse with your children. A treehouse is a nice way to teach your children some craftsmanship. They can help you build the treehouse by painting certain pieces, putting out stuff in it, and handing you tools. You can also engage them in crafts by letting them paint pots and fences around the house.

Give points to follow Covid SOPs:

Another fun activity and a creative parenting hack to teach the children values of coronavirus SOPs are to give them points to follow them. Every time a child washes his hands before eating wears a mask, and sanitizes the surfaces; give him a point. And each time he eats without washing his hands doesn’t maintain social distance, goes out without a mask, etc. removes points from his score. This would develop a competition between them and you would not have to worry about them catching the virus.

Learn new things together:

Being locked in your homes in quarantine doesn’t mean that you are completely cut out from the world. The internet has provided the opportunity to connect with the whole world. the time and opportunity can be availed to learn some new things with your children. Learning new things might include a new language, painting, new recipes, yoga, cycling, etc. the things that children have never done before would excite them.

Help them in online school:

Another important aspect of lockdown is the online school. Both parents and students might not be familiar with operating online studying software. This could be solved by both parents and students spending a weekend familiarizing themselves with online school. Parents should always keep a check on the educational pressure of children. They should maintain time intervals between each class, keep up with the children’s screen time, help with homework, etc. these activities will not only help the child in school but will also bring you closer to him.

Bedtime stories:

Another thing the parents can do to make the time in lockdown exciting is to tell the children bedtime stories. We have abandoned the habit of telling bedtime stories to our children because of our busy lives. This lockdown has given us plenty of time to continue this habit and preserve the stories our parents used to tell us as children.


No matter how much you love having children and want to make babies, there is a certain time in life when you feel that parenting is a very difficult task. Shaping a young mind is a very important challenge that’s why it should be performed with delicacy. However, in lockdown, some of you must be tired of having everyone around and it must be very difficult to maintain a peaceful environment in your home. We hope the above-mentioned tips help you in making parenting during lockdown more fun for you.

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