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The 10 Most Fabulous Healthy(ish) Eats in San Francisco Bay Area (Part 1.)

Eileen's local guide

The Bay Area is a true foodie heaven. We are lucky to have access to the freshest ingredients pretty much year-round, and farmers come from all over Northern California to showcase their beautiful produce at our farmers markets.

Say hello to your one-stop guide to healthy dining in San Francisco, from matcha and the perfect almond milk latte to delicious smoothies, bone broth, the OG toast spot, and the best salad around town.

This guide was edited and produced by Marin-based fitness and wellness guru Nicole Modic, aka Kale Junkie. Visit her site and follow her on Instagram.

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As soon as the ban on indoor dining is lifted, Wildseed is where I will be. It's a beautifully designed space, bright and airy, with large wood tables, and a full bar. Set in a cozy neighborhood, you can also show up super-casual and blend in just fine.This is definitely the best in San Francisco for best gluten free vegan brunch options that's family friendly and great for dining in/outdoor and takeout.

πŸ” Impossible burger

The impossible burger was truly impossible with an amazing taste! It comes with grilled onion, chipotle aioli, tomatoes, gem lettuce and you have to add cheese.

πŸ₯§ Mexican corn cakes

It is such an awesome appetizer that was soft inside and crispy on the outside. It had roasted corn and plenty of vegan parmesan on top drizzled with a smooth, slightly smoky sauce. Light but so flavorful!

πŸ₯˜ Neatball masala

This comforting bowl infuses flavors of Italy (with plant-based meatballs), India (with the masala sauce), and even Greece (with a vegan tzatziki sauce). The flavors pair so well together, and the meatballs are served over wild grains. It's hearty and delicious.

πŸ“ž (415) 872-7350 or visit their website πŸ’»

⏰ business hour is Mon - Fri 12pm-9pm | Sat - Sun 11am-9pm

πŸš— Addresss: 2000 UNION ST, SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94123


Whenever someone asks me where they can grab a casual lunch, I always say Souvla, the always-packed Greek-inspired eatery serving a perfectly brief menu of salads, pita sandwiches, fries, and frozen yogurt made with locally sourced ingredients. They can also customize any salad to make it dairy free, and if you are vegan, you can replace any of the meats with their delish sweet potatoes. The dΓ©cor at Souvla is adorable, riffing on traditional Greek style with blue and white tiles, rustic wood tables, and an always-warming view of the rotisserie chickens.

🍦 Greek frozen yogurt

Here comes the greek frozen yogurt with Baklava Crumbles + Honey. This is such a great dessert! The frozen greek yogurt has a nice tang to it that surprised me at first, but perfectly balances the very sweet baklava and honey. They don't skimp on the baklava either! There is more than enough to have a little baklava with each bite you eat. Again, I like how this dessert doesn't feel too heavy since the greek yogurt is light refreshing and not overly sweet.

πŸ₯ͺ Gyro/Sandwich

I like how their ingredients were simple, fresh, and tasty. I find that a lot of gyros tend be a bit heavy or oily but this one isn't. As you can see from the pictures, there are not that many ingredients but the ingredients they do include all compliment each other and are high quality. They are also very generous with their meat portions.

πŸ“ž (415) 400-5458 or visit their website πŸ’»

⏰ business hour is Mon - Sun 12pm-8pm

πŸš— Addresss: 517 Hayes St, San Francisco, CA 94102

#Stonemill Matcha

Their food plating it incredible. All the dishes seem so delicate and each taste brings me to the next level. The space is minimal and truly gorgeous. It's decorated in Japanese style with lots of space, plants, and plenty of tables to sit down and enjoy your eats and drinks. The place gets busy, but not so busy that you can't find a place to park it. Get in line to place your order.

🍡 Matcha

Obviously. I always order a hot matcha with their oat milk, but the iced matcha is fantastic, too. They do use a touch of cane sweetener, but you can easily tell them to omit or go light.

🍰 Matcha pecan mousse mochi cake

In general, their matcha infused pastries are incredible. My favorite is the mousse mochi cake just because it has so many layers and depth and each layer would bring my taste buds different textures and tastes. On the inside is like the Lady M but there is mochi on the outside that adds a chewy texture and there is some type of cake on the instead as well with the mousse. while the matcha flavor isn't as enhanced, the texture wins for this one!

🍲 Chicken okayu

This is one of the most delicious things I've ever eaten. It's is a warm bowl of rice porridge with nori, egg, pickled wakame, mushrooms, and green onions. It's also very light, so you won't feel like you ate a heavy meal.

πŸ“ž (415) 796-3876 or visit their website πŸ’»

⏰ business hour is Wed - Sun 10am-3pm

πŸš— Addresss: 561 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110

#Farmhouse Kitchen Thai Cuisine

I literally feel this place is exotic and insane. When you enter the place, it immediately would make you feel that you no longer live in the US and you can tell from the house's decoration and also from the way the waiter/waitress dress. Sometimes they would wear this quirky boxing shorts and act like they just got off of a funny Thai movie. Apart from that, the food is delicious and it is not just any thai food you normally encounter in the US. It feels authentic, delicious and unique.

🍱 Little Lao Table Set

This a giant platter with a variety of different foods which include

Samosa: Light, flaky with mild curry
Egg Rolls
Fresh Rolls with Peanut Sauce
Papaya Salad: spicy!
Grilled Snake River Wagyu Beef Flank: tender and juicy
Hat Yai Fried Chicken: crispy and juicy...went well with the curry sauce
Shrimp Fried Rice
Pad Thai with Fried Egg: A little too tart for me
Slow-braised bone-in Short Rib: tender, moist and super tasty
Spicy Eggplant
Blue Rice
Thai Iced Tea

Yes, It'd be better you bring a family with you. I had 4 people eating with me and this was plenty of food. We were stuffed and still had leftovers. Everything was so thoughtfully made and presented. The platter came with 2 free thai teas or 2 beers or one of each which I thought was great.

🍜 Volcano Cup Noodles

Topped with a giant slow-cooked beef rib. These noodles are tossed in a spicy Thai devil sauce, with bird's eye chili, tamarind, cumin, garlic, onion and cilantro. It will make you sweat and keep eating at the same time!

πŸ“ž (415) 814-2920 or visit their website πŸ’»

⏰ business hour is Mon - Friday 11am-2pm, 5pm-10pm; Sat - Sun 12pm-10pm

πŸš— Addresss: 710 Florida St, San Francisco, CA 94110

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