Texas GOP introduces bills to revoke local authority, sparking fears of state control

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Texas GOP introduces bills to revoke home-rule city powers & weaken discrimination, environment, and safety laws. AFL-CIO protests.Photo byImage by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

AUSTIN, TX. - In a move that could drastically alter the balance of power between state and local authorities in Texas, Republican legislators have introduced two bills that would revoke the powers that home-rule cities have traditionally been granted, instead requiring them to abide by state regulations.

According to Rick Levy, president of the AFL-CIO Texas branch, the proposed legislation would compel cities across the state to act according to state regulations, essentially making them subservient to state authority.

Home-rule cities have the ability to do anything they are not prohibited from doing under the current system. They would basically have to ask the state for permission to do anything as a result of this," he stated.

The bills are not only a threat to local control but also to hard-won measures that protect workers and promote environmental and non-discrimination policies.

Levy stated in the draft that the bills would impact non-discrimination ordinances, such as those that apply to gay, lesbian, and transgender individuals.

It's a pretty draconian effort," he stated, "to the extent that those differ at all from state law, or federal law, in terms of the clarity of their protections for lesbian and gay people or anything that goes beyond that would be immediately pre-empted."

Opponents of the bills argue that state regulations would hamper the ability of home-rule cities to be innovative and progressive, stifling the kind of local autonomy that has led to many of the state's most successful urban areas.

Texas is the second-largest state in geography after Alaska, and Levy stated that he has always been impressed by how legislators unite to represent such diverse interests. However, he doesn't really accept that they should direct what chosen authorities in different urban communities are permitted to do.

And just to kind of impose the will of a very small portion of the population on every community in the state - in their zeal to crush any kind of dissent or any kind of diversity they're really stepping on what it means to be Texan," he said. "And just to kind of impose the will of a very small portion of the population."

One of the most high-profile examples of state preemption of local authority came in 2018 when Austin lost the ability to enforce a ban on plastic bags after it was challenged. The Texas Supreme Court ruled that it violated state law. This is the reason for the proposed legislation.

Republican bill sponsors argue that the state should be given back regulatory authority so that small businesses can follow consistent rules. However, this argument has been met with skepticism by labor groups and unions represented by the AFL-CIO, who warn that the proposals could undo hard-fought measures to protect workers.

The proposed legislation has been met with protests by labor groups, civil rights organizations, and environmentalists across the state. They warn that the bills would be detrimental to the state's economy and the health and well-being of Texans.

The bills are currently being debated in the state legislature, with opposition expected to be strong. Whatever the outcome of the legislative process, the debate around the bills is likely to continue, with Texans divided over the appropriate balance between state and local authority in the Lone Star State.

What do you think about the proposed legislation in Texas that would revoke the powers of home-rule cities and require them to abide by state regulations, potentially undoing hard-fought measures to protect workers and promote environmental and non-discrimination policies?

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