Animal rights advocates praise Oregon's proposed bill to ban use of animals in entertainment

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SALEM, OR. - Oregon legislators are considering a new bill prohibiting the use of certain types of animals in traveling animal acts. House Bill 3214, sponsored by Representative Hudson, seeks to protect animals by making using them illegal for entertainment.

The bill would prohibit using animals, including those of the Canidae, Cetartiodactyla, Crocodylia, Elephantidae, Felidae, and Mustelidae families. In addition, the prohibition would apply to traveling animal acts, defined as performances during which an animal is transported to perform.

However, there are certain exemptions to the prohibition. For example, the use of animals in education programs licensed veterinary hospitals or clinics, and licensed or accredited academic, medical, or research institutions would be allowed. Additionally, a facility accredited, certified, or verified by specific animal organizations would be exempt from the prohibition.

Violators of the prohibition would face a maximum penalty of six months in jail and a $2,500 fine. Courts would also be authorized to require individuals convicted of a violation to forfeit any animal used in the violation.

The bill is intended to protect animals from mistreatment and cruelty. Animals used in traveling animal acts are often subjected to harsh training methods and kept in small, cramped conditions. These conditions can cause physical and emotional distress for the animals and can have long-term effects on their health and well-being.

According to the Animal Welfare Institute, at least 125 municipalities in the United States have passed ordinances prohibiting the use of wild and exotic animals in traveling shows. Oregon's proposed bill would be another step towards ending the use of animals for entertainment purposes.

Animal rights activists praised the bill, saying it would help protect vulnerable animals from exploitation and abuse. However, opponents of the bill argue that it would harm businesses and result in job losses. Some have also expressed concerns that the bill would infringe on their rights to use animals in their performances.

The bill is still under consideration by the Oregon Legislative Assembly. However, if it is passed, Oregon would join a growing number of states that have banned the use of animals in traveling shows. This would be a significant step towards ending the exploitation of animals for entertainment purposes.

In short, House Bill 3214 proposes prohibiting the use of certain types of animals in traveling animal acts. The bill seeks to protect animals from mistreatment and cruelty by prohibiting them from being used for entertainment. The bill is still under consideration by the Oregon Legislative Assembly, but if it is passed, it could have significant implications for the treatment of animals in the state. Animal rights activists have praised the bill, while opponents have expressed concerns about its potential impact on businesses and jobs.

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