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Low-income renters exploited in Memphis, says organizer

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MEMPHIS. TN. - A recent investigation has raised concerns regarding the quality and safety of the homes that the Memphis Housing Authority uses to provide low-income families with affordable housing. According to Memphis Tenants Union organizer Alex Uhlmann, low-income renters are frequently exploited, and the homes they receive through the voucher program do not match the amount that landlords receive in rent.

Anthony Jeffries, for example, received assistance from the Memphis Housing Authority when he moved into a home in South Memphis. The Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program, funded by the federal government and provides assistance to families with meager incomes, older adults, veterans, and disabled families, provided Jeffries with rent payment vouchers. But Jeffries' home at 2096 Riverside Drive was far from the decent housing that the program promised.

The documents that the Problem Solvers were able to obtain show that Jeffries' house had passed an inspection before he moved in, but when he got there, he found many problems, like water leaks, rotting wood, and no basic amenities. Jeffries complained to the Memphis Housing Authority, which told Justtone Jackson, the landlord, about the problems. On the other hand, the house failed a subsequent inspection two months later.

As per Uhlmann, this occurs frequently and is primarily caused by the Memphis Housing Authority's lack of regulation. The Shelby County assessor estimated that Jeffries' monthly rent was $895. His voucher paid most of his rent, and he was responsible for the remaining 10%. On the other hand, Jeffries stopped contributing to the rent when his landlord failed to address the issues and instead evicted him for not paying.

The case of Anthony Jeffries raises serious concerns regarding the effectiveness of the HCV program run by the Memphis Housing Authority. One might wonder, "Why do we even have this program if it wasn't enough to fix his house?" given that the voucher covered most of Jeffries' rent. This situation emphasizes the need to improve landlord regulation and ensure low-income families can access safe, decent housing. Memphis' low-income renters will continue to be exploited until these issues are fixed.

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