South Carolina proposes bill to whitewash slavery history or erase it completely by not teaching it

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Bill H.3728 "Educators may be prohibited from discussing or even acknowledging the role of white supremacy in slavery, lynchings, and Jim Crow laws."

COLUMBIA, SC. - A new bill is being proposed in South Carolina to prevent schools from teaching about slave owners. The bill, named the South Carolina Transparency and Integrity in Education Act, was introduced by Rep. Jermaine Johnson, a Democrat from Hopkins, in response to the recent attempts by Republicans to "censor the teaching of Black history."

The bill has been met with opposition by Democrats, who claim that it would

censor curriculum taught in the classroom and prevent teachers from discussing certain topics, what far-right members of the House call 'Critical Race Theory.'"

However, Johnson has stated that it is vital to add slave owners to the list of topics that schools are prohibited from teaching about in order to prevent the evil of slavery from being passed down to future generations.

The proposed bill would make it illegal for "certain concepts to be included in public school instruction and professional development" and offer a way to deal with any violations. It is based on the idea that parents should be the primary source of their children's education regarding morals, ethics, and civic responsibility.

The House Education and Public Works K-12 Subcommittee are set to hold a hearing on the bill, H.3728, shortly. The proposed bill has sparked a heated debate in the state, with some believing it is essential to confront and acknowledge the country's dark history. In contrast, others believe such teachings could cause discomfort and upset some families.

The topic of slavery and slave owners is sensitive and controversial, particularly for grandparents of children who were born during the Civil Rights Movement and had relatives who were slaves. However, by ignoring this aspect of history and never addressing it, Johnson believes that future generations will be unable to learn from past mistakes and that this evil will continue to be perpetuated.

In conclusion, the proposed bill to prevent schools from teaching about slave owners in South Carolina has sparked a heated debate about the importance of acknowledging and teaching about the country's dark history. While some believe such teachings could cause discomfort, others believe it is essential to confront and learn from the past to create a better future.

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