Governor DeSantis' extreme rhetoric alienates vital swing voters

Edy Zoo

TALLAHASSEE, FL. - Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, made it clear that he was not interested in taking a measured, balanced approach to governing. Instead, the Republican governor has employed aggressive and uncompromising rhetoric to implement extreme policies catering to the far-right base. 

He has declared that Florida is "where 'woke' goes to die," and vowed never to "surrender to the woke mob." However, a recent Axios Engagious/Schlesinger focus group revealed that many swing voters are confused by DeSantis' language and policies.

By declaring war on any form of progressive thought or ideology, Governor DeSantis alienates vital swing voters who could be crucial deciding factors in future elections. This strategy might be politically expedient in the short term, as it appeals to a particular segment of the voting population. 

However, it carries significant long-term risks for DeSantis and other elected officials pursuing similar strategies. Moreover, many swing voters feel increasingly alienated by such extreme rhetoric and policies, leading them to become less engaged with politics.

DeSantis' campaign strategy relies heavily on fearmongering about Democrats and liberal politicians. He paints them as a dangerous "mob" intent on destroying traditional values or ideals held dear by conservatives. 

While this may appeal to hard-core Republicans, it does not win over many independents or moderates – pivotal swing voters who could make all the difference in recent razor-thin elections like those seen in Florida. For example, exit polls from the 2018 gubernatorial election showed that independent voters preferred Republican candidate Ron DeSantis over Democrat Andrew Gillum by just three percentage points – making up only 4% of total ballots cast but ultimately helping decide who would become governor.

Even more troubling than his divisive politics is how extreme some of DeSantis' policy proposals are turning out to be. For example, the governor has proposed legislation that would make protesting illegal if certain conditions were met – an example of what critics call an attack on free speech rights protected under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution

Such extreme measures are likely to erode support among swing voters further. In addition, he risks losing the support of those living in urban areas where protests have been frequent since last summer. That was when demonstrations broke out around the country following George Floyd's murder by Minneapolis police officers last May 2020.

While pandering to a base can lead to short-term political gains, such tactics often backfire in the long run, particularly as more people become aware of our nation's political polarization and understand its implications for civil discourse and democracy. 

Extreme rhetoric only further erodes public trust in government institutions while also deepening divisions between citizens – something no reasonable person should want or accept in our modern society. 

If Gov DeSantis continues down this path, he runs the risk of alienating key swing voters needed for victory come election time; something which would be a sure death sentence for his political career - both now and into the future.

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