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Several students hospitalized after ingesting THC gummies at Virginia Beach high school

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VIRGINIA BEACH, VA - This week, a frightening incident occurred at Tallwood High School in Virginia Beach, Virginia when several students were sent to the hospital after ingesting THC gummies on school grounds. 

According to an email from Principal Ryan O'Meara sent to families on Thursday afternoon, multiple reports of students consuming edible THC gummies at school led to their hospitalization.

The principal expressed concerns in his message about the potential consequences of drug possession and warned against ingesting any unknown substances as they can have "dangerous consequences." He also reminded families to discuss these issues with their children and emphasized the importance of sensible decision-making.

Virginia Beach City Public Schools (VBCPS) released a statement regarding the incident, saying that they are

deeply concerned for the health and safety of all students and take seriously any situation where a student is at risk." 

They went on to say that they are collaborating with local law enforcement and taking all necessary steps to ensure that similar incidents do not occur again.

Virginia Beach Police Department has opened an investigation into the matter. Still, it has yet to release further information or details regarding its findings. However, they say they are working diligently on it. Fortunately, all the affected students are recovering well, and there have been no reported long-term effects of consuming THC gummies while at school.

This incident is a stark reminder of how easily things can go wrong when drugs are involved in such situations. Furthermore, it highlights how important it is for parents to talk openly with their children about these matters so that they understand the dangers associated with drug use and possess a heightened sense of awareness when making decisions about their safety and well-being.

This is also a reminder for all schools to ensure that they take the proper measures to prevent similar incidents from happening again. This can be done by: 

  • Improving the educational curriculums to include more information about drugs and substance abuse, 
  • Increasing security measures, better communication between staff members and students, or 
  • Increasing supervision during school hours -- all of which would help protect our children from harm's way.

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