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Reports of sexual assault at Laredo Medical Center revealed by Webb County Sheriff's Office investigation

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LAREDO, TX. - A recent investigation by the Webb County Sheriff's Office has revealed an incredible story of sexual assault at Laredo Medical Center. According to reports, a man with suicidal tendencies was allegedly abused by an employee while receiving treatment.

The incident began on April 27, when a man in his 20s came to the medical center to treat suicidal thoughts. While being monitored by an employee identified as Jesus Noyola, the man was asked to shower. 

Allegedly, Noyola complimented the man's private parts and asked if he could perform a sexual act on him before attempting to do so. The man reportedly said no and requested that Noyola leave the room.

After this incident, another report came in on May 10 about similar behavior from Noyola involving another male patient under emergency detention. That patient alleged that while providing a urine sample at Noyola's request, he attempted to grab his private parts and asked if he could perform a sexual act on him.

Further investigations revealed video footage of both incidents, though it does not show any assault. A photo of Noyola posted on Facebook also showed an Egyptian pyramid tattoo matching the description given by one of his alleged victims.

When questioned about these events, Noyola initially denied any wrongdoing but later changed his story after further questioning and admitted that he had been working during both incidents. 

However, despite these admissions, no criminal charges have been filed against him due to a lack of evidence or corroboration from other witnesses or patients present at the time of the incidents.

At this time, it remains unclear how long these types of assaults have been occurring in the hospital. The police are still investigating what Noyola did and whether other people who work at Laredo Medical Center or other hospitals in Webb County did anything like this.

This case is an important reminder for all healthcare professionals: inappropriate interaction between staff members and patients is morally wrong. Furthermore, it can lead to serious legal consequences if reported or witnessed firsthand. 

All medical centers must create strict policies regarding proper behavior between employees and patients to ensure everyone's safety and well-being while receiving care at their facility.

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