The Radical Right is trending: this time it is #Twittergate

Edy Zoo

It's more important than ever to be aware of their dangerous agenda.

It's been a turbulent six years since the election of Donald Trump, and the Radical Right in America is only getting more power. This dangerous group promotes crazy conspiracies and incites violence against anyone who disagrees.

Nonetheless, the Radical Right is again attempting to spread its disinformation and conspiracy theories, this time on the popular social media platform Twitter. Dubbed 'Twittergate,' they are painting Twitter as a platform of censorship, alleging it conspired with the Left to bury stories about Hunter Biden's laptop.

According to the Radical Right, this laptop contained damning evidence allegedly revealing that President Joe Biden was using back channels to conduct criminal activities in Ukraine. This claim has no basis, in fact, but it is gaining traction amongst those on the far right and has been trending on Twitter as #twittergate.

Elon Musk, Twitter's Owner, has fueled the fire by tweeting,

What really happened with the Hunter Biden story suppression by Twitter will be published on Twitter at 5pm ET!"

The New York Post chimed in by writing,

House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy, Sens. Rand Paul and Josh Hawley, and the House Republican's official Twitter account all called the company after Elon Musk shared the so-called "Twitter Files" — detailing the company's faulty rationale to block the Post's Oct. 14, 2020 expose.
We’re learning in real-time how Twitter colluded to silence the truth about Hunter Biden’s laptop just days before the 2020 presidential election,” tweeted McCarthy.

This new conspiracy is part of a larger effort by the Radical Right to undermine any opposition to their beliefs and ideologies. By creating fake news stories and spreading false claims about companies or platforms, they hope to discredit anyone who disagrees with them or stands in their way.

The Radical Right has also started weaponizing its online presence to spread hate and vitriol against those they disagree with. For example, they have been using Twitter to harass and target people who don't share their views, often resorting to name-calling, doxing, and other forms of abuse.

The Radical Rights' use of social media is concerning because it gives them an unchecked platform for their extremist ideology, which can be damaging to individuals and even entire societies. It also allows them to organize quickly, which makes it difficult for law enforcement or other groups to contain them.

For example, they believe that powerful forces are secretly controlling the government and society, and only they can save America from destruction. This paranoia has led to a lot of violence, including targeted attacks on people in power, such as the domestic terrorism attack on the U.S. Capitol building by Trump supporters in January 2021.

To further illustrate, the Radical Right promotes ideas contrary to scientific evidence, such as climate change denialism and anti-vaccination campaigns. Their refusal to accept facts puts them at odds with mainstream American values and further alienates them from mainstream society.

This alienation from mainstream values has made them more prone to paranoia and extremism. They tend to distrust anyone who disagrees with them or speaks out against their beliefs, which often escalates into violence. In addition, the media's dismissal of the Radical Right makes their message more dangerous as it gives them a platform to uncheck their ideas.

Although it may seem like the Radical Right is an isolated group with no real influence in politics, they have been successful in swaying public opinion and even influencing policy decisions. Therefore, it is crucial to remain aware of their activities and take action if needed so we don't let their hatred control our society and government.

Let me know what you think. Is Twittergate really a thing?


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