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Mayor Frey wants Minneapolis earmarked as a haven for those wanting gender-affirming healthcare

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By expanding coverage, Minneapolis could become the hub for gender-affirming health care.

The city is expanding coverage for gender-affirming surgeriesPhoto byPhoto by Elyssa Fahndrich on Unsplash

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. - Mayor Jacob Frey has signed an executive order that protects people seeking gender-affirming healthcare.

The mayor said,

This Executive Order solidifies Minneapolis as a safe haven for transgender and nonbinary people seeking or receiving gender-affirming health care."

According to MPR News, the order

prohibits city departments from enforcing laws from elsewhere that target people seeking gender-affirming care or their medical providers."

Mayor Frey recognizes that this executive order can only do so much and that more must be done at the federal and state levels to ensure full protection for those seeking gender-affirming care.

These changes are in response to the growing demand for gender-affirming health care. And Minneapolis is one of the first cities in the country to make these changes, and it is hoped that other cities will follow its lead.

Gender-affirming health care is becoming more common as society becomes more accepting of transgender individuals. As a result, cities are finding ways to provide various services, including hormone therapy, mental health, and surgery.

By expanding access to coverage, Minneapolis ensures everyone has the necessary healthcare.

Mayor Frey and the city of Minneapolis have made it clear that they are committed to providing gender-affirming health care and creating a more inclusive environment for everyone. These changes come when many transgender individuals still face discrimination and lack access to healthcare, making Minneapolis' efforts all the more critical.

Gender-affirming healthcare is a fundamental right, and Minneapolis is setting an example for other cities around the country on how gender-affirming healthcare can be made more accessible and accepted. In essence, Minneapolis is becoming a beacon of hope for the transgender community, and its commitment to providing gender-affirming healthcare is worth celebrating.

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