Amazon and Google Employees Sign Letter Urging Companies to Cancel a $1.2B Contract With Israeli

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Tuesday, more than 400 Amazon and Google employees signed a letter urging both companies to stop a $1.2 billion contract with the Israeli government and even go so far as to cease all ties with the country's military. They're seeking a total block.

Project Nimbus will be serviced by Amazon and Google and provide cloud services to the Israeli government and military. The contract is worth more than a billion dollars and could expand from there.

The letter, published in The Guardian quoted workers as saying, “We condemn Amazon and Google’s decision to sign the Project Nimbus contract with the Israeli military and government and ask them to reject this contract and future contracts that will harm our users,”

“The technology our companies have contracted to build will make the systematic discrimination and displacement carried out by the Israeli military and government even crueler and deadlier for Palestinians.”

It's alleged by the letter that the project will aid in the illegal collection of data on Palestinians, which might be used to enhance practices described by human rights organizations, "such as Human Rights Watch, as crimes of apartheid."
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To further push the issue, a group of Google employees sent a letter to the company's CEO, Sundar Pichai, asking him to publish a statement condemning Israeli attacks and mention “direct recognition of the harm done to Palestinians by the Israeli military and gang violence.”

More than 600 Amazon employees sent a letter to CEO Jeff Bezos, urging the company “to commit to review and sever business contracts and corporate donations with companies, organizations, and governments that are active or complicit in human rights violations."

So far, neither company has made a public statement on the issue.

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