Biden's Climate Envoy Urges Sacrificing Fossil Fuels That “Heat Our Homes” and “Propel Our Vehicles” to Save the Planet

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John Kerry, the United States' Climate Envoy, delivered remarks at the 2023 Our Ocean Conference held in Panama, where he criticized the use of fossil fuels.

Kerry also traveled to Brazil and Panama to discuss the importance of taking action against climate change, urging people to make sacrifices for the sake of the planet. To see the full speech, click here.

During his speech, Kerry highlighted that our daily choices and way of living are contributing to the climate crisis, saying that the crisis is happening because of "how we live" and the choices we make in our daily lives.

“That crisis is caused by unabated emissions from fossil fuels that burn so that we can propel our vehicles, heat our homes, light our businesses,” John Kerry declared.

Back in January, John Kerry stated that he belonged to a "select group of human beings" who had a duty to protect the planet, revealing his strong sense of mission.

At Davos, Rebel News journalists questioned Kerry about his use of private jets, given his advocacy for the public to make sacrifices for the sake of the environment.

Kerry's choice of transportation has drawn criticism, with some accusing him of hypocrisy.

When confronted by a reporter about taking a private jet to receive a climate award, Kerry vehemently denied it, claiming he only flies on commercial airlines.

“I fly commercial exclusively!” Kerry told a reporter who accused him of taking a private jet to go collect a climate award.

"Kerry enjoys a grandiose lifestyle few of us could imagine. Jetting around the world on private jets paid for with your tax dollars, staying in 5-star hotels & having lavish meals at your expense while he lectures you on your wasteful use of fossil fuels," one Twitter user wrote.

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