The "High Rise of Diseases" is causing a shortage of key fever and flu medications


According to Dr. Jill Roberts, these shortages are caused by the fact that many viral infections are sweeping across our communities at the same time.
The 'tripledemic' is causing a scarcity of key fever and flu drugs.Photo byPaison

ST. PETERSBURG, Florida: It's that time of year when temperatures begin to fall and fevers start to rise.However, some of the medications you're used to taking to manage your disease may be more difficult to obtain."There have been shortages of flu-fighting medications, including Tamiflu and generics," said Dr. Jill Roberts of the University of South Florida School of Public Health. "Everything for children to cure fever, such as Tylenol, has been in poor supply, and even amoxicillin has been in short supply."

According to Roberts, these shortages are exacerbated by the fact that many viral infections are spreading across our communities at the same time. "We have flu, RSV, and COVID all circulating in significant numbers," she explained. Because many illnesses have similar symptoms, medicine that can assist is in great demand. "Everyone's looking for the same treatments," Roberts said. However, Roberts believes the shortages will be temporary.

"They're going to increase manufacturing of those high-selling pharmaceuticals to get them back on the market as quickly as possible," she added.

Roberts recommends that you follow the safety precautions you've been advised to take over the previous few years to minimize the possibility of requiring assistance and it being out of stock." Wear the mask and keep the viruses at bay," she said.

To avoid the infections she listed, Roberts recommends wearing a mask and getting accessible immunizations, such as flu shots or COVID boosters. She also claims that masks can guard against other illnesses that are spreading swiftly this Christmas season, such as stomach infections like the norovirus

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