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A passenger faces federal charges after taking a box cutter onto the plane, prompting an emergency landing.


The pilot was obliged to land at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport as an emergency.

The pilot was compelled to land at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in an emergency.Photo byJordan

ATLANTA: The Department of Justice announced Thursday that an Ohio man suspected of taking two box cutters onto an aircraft bound for Tampa and telling fellow passengers he planned to stab someone had been charged with various offenses.

On November 11, William Allen Liebisch was a passenger on a Frontier Airlines aircraft from Cincinnati, Ohio, to Tampa, Florida. According to the DOJ, he proceeded through airport screening when TSA employees discovered a box cutter but incorrectly believed they "made it useless by removing its blade."

"Liebisch inserted a spare blade that was stowed in the handle of the box cutter after the airplane was on way to Florida," the DOJ said in a press statement.

According to one passenger, Liebusch used the box cutter to clean his nails, while another customer told two flight attendants that Liebisch threatened to stab someone. This necessitated an emergency landing at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the nearest airport." Because there were no law enforcement authorities on the flight, one attendant requested assistance from two male passengers," the DOJ stated in a news release.

"One passenger stood in the back near the passenger who made the report to the airline staff, while the other took the seat of the passenger who made the report to the flight attendants, and both men and a flight crew tried to keep Liebisch calm and under control for the remainder of the flight."

After everyone had deplaned in Atlanta, police officers stood at the gate but did not board the plane in order not to agitate Liebisch.

Authorities claimed Liebisch lunged at a flight attendant at the front of the plane with his box cutter as the final person went off the plane.

Liebisch was tackled by one of the guys who had been requested to help earlier on the trip, and Atlanta police officers rushed into the plane to apprehend him.

A second search of his carry-on luggage was performed, and law officers discovered a second box cutter, according to the DOJ. The airplane couldn't continue its flight to Tampa until the next morning. Liebisch was accused of interfering with a flight crew's duty and carrying a firearm aboard an airplane.

"People have the right to travel in peace and without fear of their fellow passengers," the United States says. According to attorney Ryan K. Buchanan. "Passengers who disrupt flights by threatening violence will swiftly realize that they will be held accountable in federal court."Liebisch was ordered to stay in detention until trial by the magistrate court

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