Deputy shot at by vehicle in road rage incident, according to HCSO.


Based on the agency, it happened shortly after 6 p.m. on Balm Riverview Road and CR-672.
During a road rage incident, an armed motorist fires at an HCSO officer.Photo byJordan

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY FLORIDA: A Hillsborough County Sheriff's officer was fired at by another vehicle in a case of road rage, according to a news release issued by the sheriff's office Wednesday night.

According to the agency, it happened shortly after 6 p.m. on Balm Riverview Road and CR-672. Deputy Daniel Henry, 33, was going home from a sheriff's office day of training when he got behind the wheel of a green Saturn that was traveling "well below" the speed limit, Sheriff Chad Chronister said during a press conference."The driver of that car instantly becomes belligerent and engages in what we refer to as a road rage incident," Chronister said.

According to Chronister, the driver, Tracy Swint, 49, of Riverview, continued to brake check Henry, who was driving behind him in a Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office SUV. The deputy attempted to drive around the automobile to avoid Swint.

Swint then allegedly rolled down his window and fired a bullet at the deputy, according to the sheriff. The bullet struck the passenger side door. If the bullet had struck a bit higher and gone through the window, Chronister said Wednesday night's press conference might have been disastrous.

The Hillsborough deputy claimed he pulled over right away to investigate what had transpired. Realizing he hadn't been wounded by the bullet, Henry quickly radioed other deputies, providing the tag, driver's description, and model.

Less than ten minutes after the shooting, another Hillsborough deputy saw the green sedan and requested help. According to Chronister, deputies conducted a felony traffic stop and the motorist pulled over to a residence and complied with authorities' commands. Deputies observed beer cans at Swint's feet as he exited his car. According to Chronister, he and his wife were ready to pick up a buddy to go to a pub. They also discovered marijuana in the vehicle.

Swint admitted to deputies that he was agitated and let his "emotions get the best of him" at the time of the shooting. He also claimed he had no idea he was firing at a police officer."I find it difficult to believe that he didn't realize he was firing at one of our law enforcement personnel who keeps this community secure," Chronister said at the press conference, pointing out the huge SUV with "sheriff's office" printed across the side and reflective decals.

Chronister was enraged and disappointed by what happened during the news conference. Swint's wife was also arrested, although the sheriff's office believes she had nothing to do with the shooting. Swint was not immediately breathalyzed after being arrested, according to Chronister. Swint is charged with aggravated violence on a law enforcement officer and firing into an inhabited car, all of which are felonies. He is being processed at the county jail.

Henry has worked with the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office since October 2016 and works in the county's northeast

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