National talk show host reveals insider's account of Biden's alleged mental decline

Ed Walsh
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Talk show host Jack Armstrong of the nationally syndicated Armstrong and Getty talk show dropped what may have been the strongest indication of President Joe Biden’s mental decline suggesting that he is likely exhibiting one of the early signs of Alzheimer's Disease.

Armstrong told listeners Friday that a highly-placed source said that Biden asked what city he was in while he was in the White House and that it was not the worst instance of the 80-year-old president’s mental decline.

“This is from today, from a very reliable source,” Armstrong said. “This is coming from a very reliable, let's say staffer. Biden recently approached one of his PPD. That's the secret service that watch the President who recently approached one of the agents and asked what city are we in? It wouldn't be a big deal except for the fact that they were in the White House outside the Oval Office. Oh, this person said this is not the worst of it, but wouldn't elaborate. For reasons of, you know, not wanting to get anybody in trouble.”

“Wow, that rings exactly true with the onset Alzheimer's,” noted co-host Joe Getty. He told listeners that he got an email from a listener who has extensive experience working with dementia patients that shed light on Biden’s mental status.

“It's highly likely that the reason Biden is sequestered in the evenings is that as his dementia advances he has developed sundowners syndrome, which is very difficult to manage and involves violent outbursts and behaviors that are very difficult to control. It's just as the day goes on and into the evening, it gets worse and worse but the mornings are better,” Getty said.

“And I think if you're fair at all when this is over because, coming up maybe next hour, we'll get to the CNN reporting today that top Democrats don't think Biden's gonna run,” Armstrong said. “They're looking for alternatives. I don't know how many of these stories are known among the top Democrats. We shouldn't know that story. That story should not be reported because that's a national security issue. We don't need to know that.”

“There's a direct line from that to the CNN story though,” Getty said. “I think more and more people would become acutely aware that it would be a nightmare to untenable national security wise to have Joseph R Biden hold the office of president.”

“If you're fair when he comes out and (Biden) announces it, and then the story starts coming out about his mental state, and so that wasn't a cover up,” Armstrong said. “It was surely a national security thing. I mean, we had to figure out a succession plan and not let the Russians and the Chinese know that he is in that bad of shape. And, you know, of course, he kept it quiet. I'll be fine with that.”

The hosts suggested that the Democrats might not be in a hurry to push Biden out of office because they don’t want Vice President Kamala Harris to be president.

“It is a crying shame that the Vice President is a halfwit who was put in the office merely to check demographic boxes. Now we see how dangerous that crap is,” said Getty.

Before and after Biden announced he was running for re-election Getty has reiterated his strong belief that Biden would not run for president, an opinion that is just now surfacing among some in the mainstream media.

The Armstrong and Getty radio show is based in Sacramento where it airs live from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. and is heard on stations around the country in various time slots. The libertarian leaning hosts have been critical of both the Democrats and Republicans for fiscal irresponsibility.

Biden’s critics have long cited examples of Biden’s mental decline including him calling out for the late Rep. Jackie Walorski during a White House hunger event last year even though the congresswoman had recently died in a car accident. The White House said the president simply misspoke because Walorski was “top of mind.” Others have pointed out the president slurring his words, his numerous falls, and a shuffling gait when he walks.

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